Area B Technology Support

Spring Semester-Welcome Back Information

iPad App Requests (A Brief Follow-Up)

As discussed at our December meeting at Crump, you will still be responsible for helping your teachers complete the App Request Form any apps need to be added to the campus iPads. Always be sure to check the Approved/Denied app list before you spend your time completing the form. You can find the list in Google Drive or click this link:

When the request forms are completed, the forms are forwarded based on the following criteria:

  • Content apps- forward to the corresponding content coordinator
  • Productivity apps- send directly to me

(The pictures below are samples of what the forms will look like when you open the link)

January- No Meeting Agenda

Due to the Mid-Year Review schedule, we will not meet formally this month as I will be attending as many of these meetings as possible. However, I am continuing to visit campuses as needed. If you have a specific need, please email me to set an appointment.

Looking Ahead

In the month of February, please be on the lookout for the following:

Calendar Information

  • Week 1- TCEA Convention in Austin (Feb. 1-5): Many of you will be attendance for this amazing convention. Enjoy yourself, and come back ready to share what you have learned!
  • Week 2- Monthly ITS and LIS Meetings (Feb. 9-11): Secondary will meet on Tuesday 2/9, and Elementary will meet on Wednesday 2/10 at the ASF. All LIS will meet on Thursday 2/11.
  • Week 3- Campus Visits: I will be out completing campus visits. If you have a specific need, please set an appointment during this week. I will be sending calendar invitations to you via Outlook.
  • Week 4- Campus Visits: I will be out vising campuses with 1st and 2nd year technology specialists. If you have anything specific you would like to discuss/work on/etc. during this time, please email me and let me know. I will be sending calendar invitations to you via Outlook.

**I will include February agenda items in the Outlook calendar invitations and in next month's newsletter.**

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