Negative Effects of a Lobotomy

By: Devin McCann and Cassidy Duffy

Background Information (CD & DM)

During an ice pick lobotomy, the doctor shocks the patient to make him or her unconscious, and then they peel the eye lids back. Then, the doctor hits the frontal lobes with an ice pick that separates the hemispheres. It acts as if the nerves were cut.

Negative Effects of a Lobotomy & Procedure

A New Start (DM)

When a lobotomy is performed, a possible effect of is that the patient may act like a child again. They have to be retaught everything, just like a little kid. They re-learn everyday common things, like how to go to the bathroom, brushing your teeth, how to walk, talk, communicate with others, etc.

Relapse (CD)

Another possible effect of a lobotomy is that they seem as if they are better, but months later relapse. After the relapse, they are worse than they were before the lobotomy. These relapses could require further treatment.
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Lack of Expression (DM)

Some patients after a lobotomy were slow in thinking and acting. They were dull, and lacked expression and interaction. Doctors noticed that they had a huge reduction in interest and "driving" energy. Some were also said to be euphoric, and restless.
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Weight Gain (CD)

A possible effect of a lobotomy, is a massive amount of weight gain, due to an increase in their appetite.
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Stimulus-Bound Actions (DM)

Some patients reacted to whatever was in front of them. They didn't respond to rules, or plan for the future. They ate whatever was in front of them, and wanted whatever made them happy in that moment without thinking about whatever the consequences may be. They didn't have goals, because they were distracted by stimuli.

Worst Possible Effect (CD)

The worst possible effect of a lobotomy is a patient either dying during it, or committing suicide later on.


In conclusion, lobotomies are very risky, and have serious, long-lasting effects on you. You have the possibility of being worse than before, having to re-learn everything including basic things, only be able to cope with whats going on in front of you, not being able to plan for the future or set goals, gain a ton of weight, and worst of all die during the procedure, or commit suicide later on.