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Monday March 7, 2016

Principal's Message

Good Morning Panthers!

11 days until first round of STAAR!

Spring break is just around the corner! Continue to remain intentional in your instruction this week as we prepair our students for their STAAR exams. Ensure that your LO's and DOL's are TEKS based and promote rigrious learning of new material. Students identified as Tier 3 based on your data tracking should be encouraged to attend Thursday tutoring as well as receive interventions in class.

It's also time to being planning for next year. You should have received an email this weekend with an "On the Bus" form for you to express your intentions for next school year. We will refer to your listed certifications, preferred subjects and schedule when planning the master schedule.

Have a great week!

Upcoming Professional Development

Monday, March 7
  • Book Study 2 - Session 2
  • PLCs

Monday, March 21

  • STAAR Test Training

Monday, March 28

  • PBLT
  • PLCs

Shout Outs

Special Thanks to everyone who has made it to hallway duty on time! PBLT handed out snacks of appreciation on Friday!

High Paw to Ms. Murphy and Mrs. Romero who frequently steps in and volunteers to help during 8th grade intake wherever they are needed.

Hallway Duty and Passing Periods Expectations

All Staff Members, please remember the following:
  • PROTECT- arrive at your post on time to ensure safety.
  • EXPECT- seek out students who need to be reminded about rules, passes, and uniform expectations.
  • CONNECT- smile and call students by name. Use Encouragement.
  • CORRECT- I correct student misbehavior consistently student to student, day to day.

Weekly Classroom Management Tips

Do Students Have an Incentive to Get to Class On Time?
Bell-to-Bell Instruction
If students know that will miss out on a quiz or miss out on important instructions because class starts right on time, they will be less apt to be late. Have reliable and loyal student helpers pass out folders and work to ensure students sit down as soon as they arrive, making starting on time possible.
The Late Log
Cut down on tardiness among students by keeping your tardy log taped to your door. Have students who are not in class when the bell rings sign the log. Make sure that their names and id's are correct before turning in to Ms. Hale in attendance.

Comments, Questions and/or Concerns

Please remember that we have a Comments/Questions/Concerns box on the biometric clock in the main office. We welcome your suggestions and we want to know what questions or concerns you have. We will empty the box each Friday and provide answers to what we receive during Professional Development each Monday.

ACP Spring Film Festival

Sign up for the ACP Spring Viewings

-- Stockard Showcase --

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Countdown To STAAR!

As we approach the first round of STAAR, let's keep Stockard Scholars engaged! Continue to introduce new SE's and reteach SE's that have not been mastered. Additionally, build student's reading stamina by providing them with ample opportunity to read independently.


Below you will find Lead 4 Ward Activities that will help to strengthen our student's metacognitive abilities by giving them the opportunity to evaluate and analyze STAAR questions.

Upcoming Events:

TELPAS Testing March 7th - 10th

Spring Break March 14th - 18th
STAAR (7th Writing, 8th Reading/Math) March 29th and 30th