I have Bad Blood

First Diagnosis

My name is Regina Johnson, I'm 15 and a sophomore in high school and I'm the weird kid. First off I live in California, you know the Sunshine State, but I'm extremely pale. I tan literally all the time and no change. Like there's pale, but then there's pale pale. That's me, pale pale, it's so annoying! I get out of breath a lot too. Like I'm not a fat kid at all so I don't know why I can barely breathe. Oh and I bleed a lot, like a lot a lot, that is so embarassing! Nosebleeds, bleeding gums, etc. People are calling me Bloody Mary. That's not alright with me. Don't even get me started on the random bruises! Oh my goodness it's horrible!

I had to run a mile in gym class, I tried to get out of it but the teacher wouldn't let me, anyways within like 5 steps I ran out of breath! Everyone was staring at me laughing and pointing. I told myself that I could do this so I pushed myself. That was the worst idea I've ever had. I fainted. Yep, just plopped right onto the ground in front of everyone. When I came to everyone was laughing even more than they were before. I went home fuming. I've never yelled so loud at my mom before. I made her listen to every single word I said and made her take me to see a doctor.

As I complained to my doctor she was taking notes and then they took a sample of my blood. The test results came a little while later and I have Aplastic Anemia. Whatever that means I just need it treated like now. So the doctor gave said that my body wasn't producing enough new blood cells because something happened when I was born that damaged my bone marrow.

Luckily there were plenty ways to fix this. I could gave a blood transfusion, or get some stem cells placed in my bone marrow. I think I'm gonna go with the transfusion, I figure it's easier and faster to get, all they have to do is find a match right.

Even though this is treated I still can't play sports right away and I have to rest a lot because I still get fatigued sometimes. I'm so happy we figured out what was wrong with me and I'm glad that I'm not just naturally weird or something!