How Are Humans Killing Our Planet

The Effects of Overpopulation

What is Overpopulation?

Overpopulation is to fill with an excessive number of people, straining available resources and facilities ( Overpopulation Is occurring on Earth because over the last 200 years the number of people dying per year is less than the number of people being born per year causing a population spike that the world is having a hard time handling (Kinder,2015). Less people are dying per year because of our advances in medicine and technology.

Questions I Had and Their Answers

My Questions

The questions that I wanted answered during my research were how is overpopulation effecting the Earth, will humans kill the Earth, can we grow enough food to feed the increasing population, how much space does the Earth have left for humans to expand, and will the Earth run out of resources in the near future. I could answer all but oneof these questions after completing my research which was does the Earth have enough space left for the expansion of human. I think that I couldn't find a fact talking about the space Earth has left because even if the human race takes up every inch of the Earth's surface we can still build up for an almost infinite amount and even tunnel down to hold more people. The big question that I wanted to answer the effects of overpopulation had a very wide answer as it effects almost every aspect of our lives from how many people live in poverty to water shortages to climate change. A great website that illustrated this is which gave at least eight different effects of overpopulation. The next question that I had answered was can we produce enough food to feed the increasing population. The answer is yes but there are a few things about the farming methods and the chemicals used on crops that severely impact the environment around the farmed areas which is overall bad for the Earth. Then I searched for the answer to the questions will the Earth run out of resources in the near future. I found that at the rate that we are consuming the resources available on our Earth they will run dry in only a few hundred years. Will humans kill the Earth? According to studies done by Yale University humans will kill the Earth with our increasing load of people, our overuse of resources and our pollution. It may take a while but if nothing is done we will kill our Earth (Kinder,2015) (Tsiattalos,2013).