By Evan B. and Peter

Systems and their parts

Systems have parts that are different. The parts can be nautral or man-made. The parts all work together to do something.

System: a group of parts that work together to do something.

Role: a part of a system that has to do something for the system to work.

Examples of man-made systems

Man-made systems are used mostly every day. Like cooking. A grill and a bike are man-made systems.

Man-made: made by human, not nautral.

Examples of natural systems

Nautral systems are all over the world.Nautral Systems are not made by man.

Nautral: formed by nature, not man-made.

An ecosystem is a system made up of all the living and nonliving in the area.

food and fiber system

Some of your favorite foods come from a system. For example a farmer will grow potatoes and sells them to a restaurant. Then that restaurant turns them into fries.


1.which is a human made system?


a. mountain

b. a tv

c.a long river

d. a spider web


which is a natural system?


a. heater





Which list show a correct path of the food and fiber system


a.roots, corn, leaves, sunlight

b.cotton,grass,soybeans, sunflower

c.sweater, factory, wool, sheep

d.seed, tree, fruit, store

So now do you know how systems work?