Agra-biz food vs. Organic food

Is organic food healthier than modified foods?


A genetically modified organism is in this case a vegetable or fruit which has been tampered with genetically to be more resistant to disease, bigger or even brighter.
these plants also grow faster but there is evidence that shows a lack of nutrients.
Most commercial GMOs are also engineered to withstand contact of herbicide and/or to produce an enzyme to diffuse the spray.

Organic produce

Organic produce are vegetables or fruits which have no pesticides, steroids, or genetic additions.

Grass fed beef

these happy cows are fed their "natural" diet in addition to corn. this beef is often more expensive and the livestock takes longer to mature.
Eyes of Nye - GM foods - HTS2100 edition

Biz Beef!!!

this beef is often raised on a slab that eat fodder and are often injected with hormones to stimulate growth and antibiotics to ward off disease.