Our Week at a Peek

Mrs. Ryberg - 1st grade - September 25, 2015


In class...

*MATH: Students practiced adding by looking at the biggest number, then counting on, and using doubles to remember basic facts. Ask them about the doubles game.

*READING: We are in full swing with Daily 5 routines. Students work on our 5 word wall words of the week in a variety of ways, read with partners, read alone, listen to reading, and work on something extra to reinforce reading. Ask students about paint bags we use to practice words as well as the "read, make, write" pages we used for the first time this week. They LOVED creating words with pipe cleaners, buttons, and foam letters.

*WRITING: Students are continuing to work on recognizing and using correct punctuation in sentences. We are going on a punctuation hunt in the next couple of days using Mo Willems books.

*CHARACTER: SEPTEMBER means Self-Discipline!! We continued working on this using a variety of Berenstain Bears books. We have also talked a lot this week about using self-control at school and not letting our brains trick us into doing something we know we shouldn't do. Zipping up our brains is hard work when we are tired, distracted, or just want to be doing something different!

Real World Problems

Our latest project has had us talking about water...a lot of it. Flooding is a problem that this part of the country can relate to. Students read about flooding and researched using iPads and Google. They looked for images of houses and structures which were flood resistant. After exploring, groups worked to create a platform to keep the model of a house 6 inches off of a table.

While only one group was successful using the resources they were provided, we had a lot of discussion about working together as a team, and listening to one another. There was also a valuable lesson at not being done, even when testing was over. Engineers, like Rosie Revere, find failure part of the engineering process. Once you see what is wrong, you can work to improve that weak spot! Great life lessons!


We have had so much fun exploring Ireland and its beauty this week.

We have read books and done a lot of research online about Ireland.

One student even brought in some money to show. (Thank you Elijah and famiy!)

We tried to FaceTime Miss Wall on Tuesday, but the connection at her hotel was not good. Instead, we made a video singing to her (it just happened to be her birthday), and asking her questions about her trip and the Green Isle.

She sent an email to answer a few of our questions and to share a short video of herself feeding the birds at a park in Dublin near where she and her family are staying.

The kids are soaking it up!!

We will continue our quest for all things green next week when Miss Wall returns!

Up and Coming

September 29th at 5:30 p.m. - Any and all dads, grandpas, uncles, or significant male role models are welcome to join us for a kickoff to the WATCHDOGS program at school. Here is more information (the first page is in Spanish, and the 2nd is in English).

October 5-9 - Fire Safety Week

October 8th at 8 a.m. - In the past we have had Muffins with Moms - this year, we are encouraging the women in the lives of our students to come enjoy breakfast Picnic-Style! Moms, grandmas, aunts, or special women can come spend time with their students before school. Here is more information!

October 16th - end of Quarter 1

October 20th from 4 - 8 p.m. - McTeacher Night

October 28th - Evening Parent Conferences

October 29th & 30th - NO SCHOOL - Parent/Teacher Conferences