Welcome 2020~Happy New Year!!

The Walnut Ridge Early Learning Academy

The Walnut Ridge team wishes you a healthy, happy, and wonderful 2020!!

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In 2020, the Walnut Ridge School continues to.....

In 2020, the Walnut Ridge School continues to support early literacy skills in our students by providing consistent, language-rich experiences - such as talking, singing, and reading - to enhance opportunities for brain development and future school success. At Walnut Ridge, we continue to use Tools of the Mind methodology along with a host of evidence-based best practices. One of the most effective instructional strategies embraced by our teachers is an Interactive Read Aloud strategy. Research proves that utilizing an Interactive Read-Aloud strategy provides opportunities for children to develop their comprehension and vocabulary of new words. Additionally, we continually provide opportunities for students to explore, interact with, and enjoy books and stories they choose.

As always, please continue to reach out to your child's teacher with any questions about our instructional practices.

Happy New Year,

Karen Stoeckel

Join us in congratulating the Walnut Ridge Teachers of the Year ~ Mrs. Erika Patalita and Mrs. Lesley Falgiano

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Thanks to W.R.A.P!!

Huge thanks to our WRAP group for spreading joy and kindness through generous donations. Your hard work is truly appreciated by all of us at Walnut Ridge!

Just for fun-thoughts and words to ponder as we begin a new year.....

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