WW-P HS South EdTech Bulletin #2

Resources for Integrating Technology into Instruction

September 16, 2016

Follow Up

In the last edtech bulletin, we shared resources and updates about Google Classroom. I have talked to a lot of colleagues that are using it or interested in using it and would love to hear from you!

Can you complete the quick survey below and share your Google Classroom feedback with us? Thanks!

New this week!


Pirate Pride Lesson Showcase

Coming soon...

Have an idea, lesson, or web-based (or print) resource you'd like to showcase to your fellow pirates? Send them our way, and Jessica and I will include these ideas in upcoming bulletins!

Kim Lowden

Teacher Resource Specialist for Technology

Supporting teachers integrating technology into instruction

I can support your technology integration by:

  • Collaboratively planning lessons and units
  • Exploring new tools or updates
  • Integrating technology into existing lessons
  • Team teaching, assisting, modeling with classes or departments
  • Peer coaching
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting instructional issues
  • Creating and sharing resources

Kindly send me an email or Google Hangout, and we will work out a time that fits with your schedule to meet 1:1, with your department, or a small cohort. You can view my calendar here: http://bit.ly/KLcalendar

When do I submit a tech ticket? Whenever you are having a technical issue, such as network connectivity problems, printing problems, hardware/software issues, etc. Our amazing staff of WW-P technicians will be glad to support you.