Hey, Y'all!

May 2016 Schoool Psych Mid-Meeting Updates

3 BIG for 10 LITTLE

Don't get caught with your pants down, Get ahead of the game, A stitch in time saves nine, Get my ducks in a row - whatever pithy saying works, it's just a reminder that no matter how busy we are now, getting ready for the end of the year will help end the year on a slightly less anxious note!

So, 3 Big recommendations for any time you find yourself with 10 Little minutes:
1. Update your eval/re-eval log
2. Go thru a file and shred excess paperwork
3. Check to make sure that every kiddo you tested has the final copy of their report attached in Enrich

What goes on Form 78?

The Student Planning Form should include recently DNQ kiddos, students who have counseling as a related service, upcoming triennial re-eval kiddos, DD students who are turning 10, students who have a BIP, and anything else you think would help the next psych and the next school be prepared for the student and provide as seamless as possible a transition for the student. If a conversation is needed, call the next psych or add the student's name to the list with a note to call you.

Last Work Day and those Stikin' Fridays

If your last day of work is 6-10-16 you will need to make up for that Friday (6-10-16) because we are paid for that day but buildings will be closed. You may 1) end work one day later (e.g., work a day the next week, 2) work longer days that week (e.g., 4 10-hour days a week makes up one day), 3) or take a personal day.

If your last day of work is 6-17-16 you will need to make up for 2 Fridays (6-10-16 and 6-17-16) because we are paid for those days but buildings will be closed. You may make up those two days in one or more of these ways: 1) end work two days later (e.g., work the next week, 2) work longer days prior (e.g., 4 10-hour days a week makes up one day), 3) or a take personal day.

June Meeting/PD - Tuesday June 7, 8:00 - 12:00 LES

For our meeting in June:
  • NASP attendees please plan to share something you learned that you think would benefit the group - doesn't have to be long or formal
  • Everyone: please share a Tier 2/3 behavior idea, resource, or strategy that would benefit the group AND that our PD presenters for next year might use in their sessions
  • Have another item for our agenda? Email Lucy.

EOY Checklist

Our school psych end-of-year checklist is posted on the psych google site (at the top) and Betsy has posted it as well. Give it a quick read as soon as you can so you'll know what to expect once we start packing up the circus for another year; there are a few changes but not many.

2016-2017 Assignments

Special services is working with the Department of Instruction on a few programming issues for next year but as soon as that's settled and we complete EPMS reviews, we expect to send out assignments. We hope to have assignments by the time we meet on June 7th, if not earlier.

Babies, babies everywhere!

Ellington Jane Kinney will be joining us soooooon and Kelly O's baby will quickly follow in the fall, so it's a big baby season coming up for our team! John Hogan will provide some contractual help for us in the fall while Elizabeth and Kelly are on maternity leave and we'll pitch in to make up the difference. If you crochet, start those booties now!

District Concussion Procedures

The district's procedure for responding to a student concussion can be found on the psych google site (under Misc. Procedures) and on the district internet (not the intranet). Parents can access it by going to Departments...Office of Student Services...then scrolling down near the end of the page under Related Files. Yeah, it's kinda buried.

Secondary Reading Intervention Update

Here's the skinny on what's up with reading intervention in secondary schools. This was shared at our last district RtI meeting. Remember...it's not RtI, it's reading intervention; we do not yet offer the full multi-tiered system of supports at secondary. (5th graders at the intermediate schools continue to receive the full RtI model of support).

Literacy lab: This is an elective, so it takes the place of another elective. If it's a semester course students attend daily and if it's a yearly course they attend every other day. There is a certified teacher and an assistant, with a maximum of 10 students.

ELA CP-I: This is a regularly scheduled ELA course with about 15 students. The teachers receive coaching and PD. The intent is to go deeper - not broader, to intensify effort toward the anchor standards, and to use technology-enhanced instruction. Next year the Leveled Literacy Intervention Gold curriculum will be used.

Ideally, students will have the ELA-CP-I and the Literacy lab - they are intended to be double-dipped to make the most progress.