Johnny & Ketak

Some info about Saturn

The distance from the sun is 890,700,000

And from the Earth is 797,740,000

Saturn is classified as a gas planet because it outside is mostly composed of gas and it lacks a definite surface even though it may have a solid core.

The average temperature -288 degrees Fahrenheit.

Climate and moons

The average temperature -288 degrees Fahrenheit.

Saturn has very windy conditions (1,000 mph winds)

Saturns tilt makes uneven temperatures on the planet.

It takes 29.4 earth years for saturn to revolve around the sun.

Saturn rotates every 10 hours 32 minutes people say that is very fast because based on its size it should rotate a little bit slower.

Saturn has 62 moons with confirmed orbits. A couple of the moon names are Titan, Enceladus, dione, miamas, and rhea.



Saturns gravity

Saturns surface gravity is 10.44 m/s2 and that stands for meters per second squared so if something fell it would be 10.44 meters per second. Saturns gravitational pull is 1.06 stronger than earths gravitational pull


In saturn there are many fun and exciting hotel stays and waterparks to go to.You can also ice skate on the rings by flying with an airplane to the rings then begin to ice skate. The rings are very slick so you don't always need ice skates you can wear tennis shoes also if you would like. In the hotels there is a slide that connects to a slide in the waterpark. Some of the slides lead to the planets surface and then you’re in a pool because saturn”s surface is almost all liquid. There are houses that are on the liquid because the houses can float. As well as all the shops to buy groceries. The biggest tourist attraction is visiting and looking at all the moons because saturn has 60 moons!

How long does it take to get to saturn

6 and a half years to get to saturn at at 35,000 mph.

They would travel in a rocket ship that would be going 35,000 mph. And perhaps get there in 6 and a half years.