Murderous Raid

Anti Slavery abolitionist slaughters 5 pro slavery owners!

Background information on the Kansas Nebraska Act

The Kansas Nebraska act through a separation between the union. The Northerners were at rage but, on the other hand the Southerners had excitement in there midst. The idea first blossomed with an inkling of a transcontinental Railroad in 1840s. This railroad was a link to the civil war. The secretary of war Jefferson Davis thought it was a great opportunity to have more slave states. He urged James Gadsden to the south to purchase 29,000 square mile piece of land. This was a certain deal until a senator form Illinois had a suggestion to reopen Kansas and Nebraska to slavery. This was up to the people it was called popular sovereignty. The senator Stephen Douglas knew he needed more support from the southerners to get a northern route with an eastern terminus. This would be unreachable to do so because the Missouri Compromise was still in place, unless they were to repeal it. There was not enough money to so both of the railroad so congress decided to go with Douglas. The Kansas- Nebraska Act was signed by President Franklin Pierce in 1855. Having thrown away the Missouri Compromise caused there to be angry northern abolitionists which resulted in the second party(the republican party) and started the cause of "Bleeding Kansas".

Up Front and Close to the "Bloody Race"

Real Live Actions of John Brown

As I remember John Brown was born in Connecticut and raise in Ohio. He greatly thought that he was "Gods chosen instrument" to end slavery. It felt like it was so long ago when this tragedy struck but, I remember it was May 21. It was a dark night when John Brown and a group of New Engenders went to a settlement named Pottawatomie Creek that was pro slavery. At that moment they stormed into our house and took my husband and four other men from our settlement. They made all the families of those men come outside. We had to watch John and his accomplices kill our husband and fathers of the young en. It was a treacherous night for our settlement and the children have not been the same even till this day. This led everyone in Kansas on murderous raids and left our territory known as "Bleeding Kansas"