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Department of Special Education Programs


If you don't, then who will?

Although education for students with and without disabilities has to be a collaborative effort among all stakeholders, it is extremely important to our students, and this community, that each stakeholder knows his/her role and carries out the duties associated with that role in order to effectuate progress. You are the special education experts in your are the cavalry. Teach, advocate, lead...your school community needs you...your students need you!

Building the possible,

Mrs. Tarvis Williams-Mull

New Items

Manifestation Determination Review (MDR) PD Session - As a part of due process for students with disabilities, both IDEA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 require that a Manifestation Determination Review meeting is conducted to determine whether the behavior exhibited by the student was a result of his/her behavior. As the case manager, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the MDR takes place and that there is a plan for students to continue receiving comparable services if they should receive more than ten days of OSS. During this session, we will delve into the regulations surrounding the federal laws as well as the guidelines and policies established for the Achievement Schools. Two sessions will be held: Session 1 - Friday, November 21st @ 8 am and Session 2 - Monday, November 24th @ 2 pm. You will receive both invitations. Please accept one and decline the other. Attendance is mandatory.

Modified Check-in Times - Out of respect for your competing priorities, check-in times have been reduced to 30 minutes. You all received an updated Outlook invitation on Sunday, November 9th. Partner Teachers will only join every other check-in. Because of the shorter time, please arrive on time, be prepared to stay the entire time and come prepared. If you are unable to meet, please send me an email as early as possible to let me know.

Cohort/Content Planning Sessions - If you have not sent me your cohort and/or content planning day and time, please do so by COB, Friday November 14th. As I mentioned before, I plan to join some of these sessions to observe and, if necessary, lend some support.

Round 2 Tier IV Fidelity Check - is scheduled for Friday, December 5th and Monday, December 8th. In a folder, in the front of your class, there should be:

- Baseline data

- Tier IV Planning form

- Tier IV Monitoring form

- Progress Monitoring data

- Copies of completed activities


- at least 4 weeks of progress monitoring data

Monthly Team Meeting - The time I chose for your monthly team meeting obviously didn't work for many of you. Please let me know by COB Friday, November 21st a day and time that does. If I don't hear from you by the date mentioned above, I will plan to proceed with the monthly meeting on Wednesday, December 3rd.

Ensuring Access - Coming in December!!!


Caseload Data Trackers - are due to me by EOD, Friday, November 21st.

Manifestation Determination Review (MDR) meetings - MUST be held for all students who reach 5 and 10 days of OSS. An 11th Day Service Plan must be developed by the MDR team (i.e., LEA rep, general education teacher, special education teacher, parent, student and other service providers) at the 5 day MDR...NO EXCEPTIONS.

Special Educators
- are responsible for reviewing student documents and communicating students' needs to school personnel... this is not Alexis' responsibility. Alexis is responsible for assigning you as a case manager once students are transferred into our system. Case managers - manage cases!

Lesson Planning expectations - you are expected to develop lesson plans with the teachers whose classes you are assigned to. You are also expected to meet with any other teachers who instruct your students to discuss progress and needs. You should email me either the weekly lesson plan or the completed SpEd-Weekly Lesson Planning Input form for the classes you are assigned to every Monday by 8am.

Anytime your school changes its master schedule and it affects your daily schedule, please update your schedule in the Google Doc.

Don't forget...

​- Service Logs are due at close of each month.

- The Collaboration Forms are due : 10/17; 11/17 and 12/17

If you are pass due on anything, please submit it ASAP.

In the Compliance Corner with Alexis

  • If parents contact you to reschedule meetings, please let Alexis know immediately.
  • Alexis serves as Program Specialist for all five schools so her time is extremely precious. If things arise that are within the school's control, meetings will not be cancelled. If issues arise that are not within the school's control, please notify Alexis immediately.
  • All Q1 SPED progress reports must be placed in the students SPED file behind the most recent IEP
  • IEP Development Forms with sound Present Levels of Educational Performance (PLEP) and Measurable Annual Goals (MAGs) are due at least 10 days prior to meetings. A separate email will be sent with exemplar PLEPs and MAGs.