The Silk Road

By G. Milligan

Embark on a journey through The Silk Road

During the han dynasty only the Chinese new how to make silk, so it was very valued in trade and it was valuable that they created the silk road which joined all the roads in Egypt, Europe, China, and other places and that increased trade in China so that is why silk was very important in China. At one time it was even more valuable than gold. Not only silk, there was iron, and precious metals. There were also things like ancient customs of other places or inventions paintings which influenced other countries a lot. some inventions were the oboe from Europe and reed instruments from other places.

Where is The Silk Road?

The trails of the silk road lead west into territories like Egypt, Europe, and Asia which he silk road was not all built at one time because they connected all the trails in Europe and all the other places connected together and thats why its so long because it runs through a lot of land. since these trails were so long and that they stretched very far into other places these trails were called trans-eurasian routes. and as they connected all these trails it would take seven months to get through it and you would also have to survive harsh winds, blizzards, storms, droughts, and more!

Why Did They Build The Silk Road

Because the silk road increased trade throughout china, silk, like i said was very important and it was as valuable as gold, but people also came back with the other things from other places like the metals, ores, oil, precious stones,and sesame seeds! So the silk road was probably the most best thing that increased trade in china and that is what inspired inventions.

How Trade Increased

Silk was valuable in china because it could be dyed into magnificent colors, long lasting, and rare. They used silk for art too, like sewing or making a giant picture from the thread. The trail of the silk road consisted of bridges and dirt trails all the way through asia and other places thats why they needed a way of transportation. I remembered when I was in China with my family, me and my family got in this cart ,and the guy in front would ride a bike to pull us.I'm almost certain they used a contraption like that in ancient china!
The Silk Road and Ancient Trade: Crash Course World History #9