How it changes our lives and the sea

Land is where pollution mostly starts...

It starts with Deltas. We normally use cars which in urban areas, we pollute 50 to 60 percent of air. When all that waste meets up with water, it travels down and into a river. It runs down all the way to the ocean which pollutes the sea. Not only does air pollute the water, but trash and litter does too.

Other types of Pollution

Dirt and litter

Water from the rivers are not always healthy. The water can handle only so much pollution that it leads to poor oxygen. Poor oxygen means that all the fish in the water could die due to poor nutrition going through their gills. Dirt in the water is also a source of pollution. It will turn into mud and mud is NOT good for organisms to swim and/or live in. Each year, millions of dollars are spent to restore and protect areas damaged or endangered by nonpoint source pollutants. The pesticides hurt the enviornment by hurting the fishs' gills and can get caught in organisms' fins.


What can we do?

We should try and help not only ourselves, but the animals around us and the environment everyone lives in. About 14 million people are sick and often die in this world due to water pollution. We can make a difference by

  1. Stop littering
  2. Ride a bike or walk
  3. Carpool with friends or family
  4. Use public Transportation
These are some ways to minimize the amount of pollution we put in the air which will hopefully minimize the amount of pollution we put in the water.