ASAP Update

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The First Four Weeks

Happy Friday Everyone! It has been four weeks since ASAP began at UMHS and in this short period of time the program has continued to grow in size and popularity. Here it is by the numbers:

Week One - 7 Students

Week Two - 29 Students

Week Three - 49 Students

Week Four - 77 Students

We hope that the program will continue to grow for the remainder of the school year!

ASAP Reminders and Procedures

ASAP is available every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:20 until 3:40.

Students must meet with the classroom teacher from 2:20 until 2:40 before going to the Library at 2:40 with their ASAP pass.

Please make sure you send the list of your ASAP students to Cindy DiSandro as soon as you know who they are. The late bus is first come, first served with a limit of 48 students.

Students who plan to walk, be picked up by a parent, or who plan to attend an athletic practice are welcome to attend ASAP. Please be sure to inform Cindy of the student's transportation needs when you email her the student's name.

Send students directly to the Library at 2:40 with the ASAP pass which has been sent out via email. Hard copies of this pass are available in the Library and will be placed in teacher mailboxes on Monday afternoon.

Please be sure to contact parents to make sure they are aware their child is staying for ASAP.

Any Questions?

Please contact Mrs. Stock via email or come down to the Main Office.
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