Olympic National Park

Deserves a Gold Medal


Olympic National Park is a beautiful park. It is almost 1,000,000 acres of nice rain forest and mountains. Olympic national park can fit Rhode Island in it. The highest point can reach nearly 8,000 feet. It is an outdoor park with lots to do.


Olympic national park is located in Washington state. It is near Cape Alava. It is also located in the Olympic peninsula. It takes 1 day and 22 hours to drive there from Boston. It also takes 5 to 6 hours to fly there from Boston. Lastly it is 3,130 miles from Boston.

Things to do

There are lots of things to do at Olympic National Park. You can camp of lots of places like atlair, elwha, deer park, dosewallips, and much more. You can hike on mountains like Mt.Olympus or on some of the 600 trails. Some trails lead to places like hall of mosses and others lead to lodges. In the Winter you can go skiing, cross country skiing,snowboarding, or snowshoeing. You also can get ranger led programs. You also can do things indoors. Kids can go to a museum. There are also videos you can watch indoors. At some lodges there are snack bars, grocery stores, and gift shops. At Olympic National park there are lots to do indoors and outdoors you are sure to be busy.

Things to know

Before you come you need to know some things like weather and admission. The weather in Olympic National Park is pretty wild. In the Winter it is very wet and cold. It is usually in the 30's and 40's so you need to dress warmly in the Winter. Also there can be up to 10 feet of snow. In the summer it is typical summer weather like in the 60's and 70's. But it is pretty dry. For admission it is not so expensive. It is 15 dollars for a vehicle. It is 5 dollars per person. The annual pass is 30 dollars. It is open every day for 24 hours. On some days for safety issues trails and lodges are closed. For every vacation you need to know some things.


There are lots of nature at Olympic National Park. First we will talk about nature. Some plants are mushrooms, sorrel, moss, trees, and giant sword ferns. There are lots of rain forests in the park too. To help these plants the rain and sun do a big job like with most plants. Dense jungles also help them survive. The nature at olympic national park is a big part of the park.


There are lots of types of animals at Olympic National Park. Some include coyotes, weasels, spotted owls, trout, seals, bald eagles, mule dear, black bears, mountain lions, and roosevelt elks. Things like lakes, forests, rivers, and the Pacific Ocean help them survive there. If you are visiting you should know do not get near mountain lions and black bears. If you come here then you can enjoy all of these animals.

Things to see

With the beauty of this park there is lots to see. You can look at the wild life, look at the river, watch sea life in the ocean, and much more. The pacific ocean is a must see spot. Tide pools, wildlife, and huge waves all are there. There are lots to see Olympic National Park

Why you should visit

At Olympic National Park you are sure not to get bored. It has something for everyone. With hiking, fishing, museums, and more the whole family will have something to do. If you love nature and wildlife you will love Olympic National Park. A park so big has lots to do. If you love being outdoors, nature, and wildlife Olympic National Park is the place to be.

Why you should preserve

The land Olympic National Park has is amazing. If no one preserved think of what could happen. Animals could be killed and land could be destroyed. Even with the land preserved problems happen. The highways take away parts of land. Also visitors can disturb wildlife and litter. One problem Olympic National Park has on its own is its salmon problem. Since beavers live in the park they need to build dams. When that happens it prevents salmon from coming into the rivers. To preserve the park make sure to pay taxes for all beautiful parks.
All images from National Park Services website


Poster by Lauren