Boaz, Alabama

Mason Greer


Highest Temp- 51 degrees Lowest- 26 degress

Winds- all were average of about 7 to 8 miles per hour and mostly north

Precipitation- less than an inch and snow

Humidity- was an average of about 84 and didn't really change but went down a lot at the end of the week.

person contacted- grand parents. they said it was snowy, my predicted temps were no where close.

Climate at this season- cold and snowing, why is it like this at this time-

latitude-34.2028 closer to the poles

prevailing winds- horse latitudes

size of town- very small town

City prone to hurricanes or tornadoes- tornadoes

near or in mountains- on a mountain. windward side of the mountain, since tornadoes cause wind the affect is that it is on the windward side.

near a lake- yes Guntersville lake, I have no clue what affect this has.

what ocean current affects this- it isn't really close to the ocean.

close to the ocean- it is not really close to the ocean.

If the city moved closer to the oceans it would have a more moisturized climate and humid.

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