21 Day Hopper MS Twitter Challenge

Let's Get Connected!

Welcome to the 21 day Twitter Challenge

Experts say it takes 21 days for a habit to stick! To make Twitter "stick", complete this 21 day challenge to get you started or move you further along! These are small steps...do one each day to move up in your knowledge level of Twitter and see how it can enhance your classroom/teaching.
twitter in 60 seconds
Twitter in D123


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to learn how to use Twitter as an educational tool and to assist you in finding valuable information for your classroom.

  • Work at your own pace for this challenge, but all work needs to be completed by the end of the month. We understand that all of our schedules are different, so there aren’t specific days to do the work.

  • As you start to tweet, use this hashtag so we can search and find all of our challenge posts: #hoppertweet16

Challenges - Divided by Day (but complete them at your own pace)

Day 1 – Create your account at www.twitter.com.

It’s also important to put some basics about yourself in your profile. These can be a mix of professional and personal, but know like anything else, there’s a character limit so make it work. Your profile is how others will see your interests and make connections.

Follow some people with similar interests. When you find someone, on their bio page, you’ll see a FOLLOW button. Click on it and you’re officially following them.

Here are ours:

Hopper MS- @HopperMS

Mary Patterson - @map10323

Dr. Brenda Brewster- @consueloward48

Here are a couple of links of people to start with:

Top Education Tweeters!

By Subject Area


Day 2 – Figure out how to change your egghead picture into a nice catchy profile picture (note: you should try to have your twitter pic look like you somewhat, you never know who you’ll run into face to face)

Day 3 – Lurk and figure out how to favorite something.

(Hint...click on the STAR icon located in the tweet.)

Day 4 – Make your first official tweet. Make it a good one and make it relevant to what you do. Share something going on in your work life.

Day 5 – Create a tweet with a hashtag (#). At the end of the tweet, add #hoppertweet16 This is the hashtag we’ll use for this Challenge. You’ll learn more about hashtags later.

Day 6 – Start to learn Twitter slang like RT, DM, MT, #FTW, from some resource like this:Twitter Dictionary

Day 7 – With someone you follow, retweet one of their tweets. Use this symbol:(arrows in cycle image).

Day 8 - Do a hashtag search - go up to the ‘Search’ bar and type in #hoppertweet. There you’ll see other Hopper staff tweets related to this 21 Day Challenge. This is how you do a search for a topic you’re interested in. For a HUGE list of hashtags to search, see this link:


Day 9 – Tweet a link from an interesting website or blog you discovered, maybe something your school or district is doing. Add our hashtag - #hoppertweet16

Day 10 – Figure out how to tweet out a photo. (this is easiest from a mobile device)

Add our hashtag - #Hoppertweet16

Day 11 – Mention some people in a tweet. Remember, they don’t know you are trying to talk to them unless you mention them with the “@” symbol and their handle. Also, know that anyone can see this. Add our hashtag - #hoppertweet16

Day 12 – Direct Message someone. This is a short, private message that is like email.

Day 13 – Tweet from multiple devices to test your diversity (will accept phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or all of the above) Add our hashtag - #hoppertweet16.

Day 14 – Post 5 tweets during this day. Make one of them a famous quote that you love.Add our hashtag - #hoppertweet16.

Day 15 – Don’t click on the link in your DM that says either “People are saying bad things about you” or “LOL. I was laughing about this video about you.” SPAM!

Day 16 – Have a twitter conversation with someone that you’ve never met in person. This could be as little as a response, but see how long you can make it go. Add our hashtag - #hoppertweet16.

Day 17 – Participate in a “Twitter chat” one night. Here’s a good list of twitter chats by@cybraryman1 and when they happen: twitter chats

Day 18 – Test your Twitter-bility – Post a tweet that is longer than 140 characters, however, use clever short-cuts and lingo to make sure you message fits. (like “4” instead of “for” to save characters)

Add our hashtag - #hoppertweet16.

Day 19 – If you haven’t yet, post your 25th tweet. If you are short, get to work! If you already have at least 25 tweets, take a day off. You have earned it.

Day 20 – Go back and follow more people and follow people who have followed you. Oh, and go back and unfollow all those celebs you followed in Day 1.

Day 21 – Find a good app to use twitter on your mobile phone or device of choice. (See: Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, the actual Twitter app)

Another great resource on all things Twitter for Educators: