Grizzly Bears

Danger to Grizzles

Grizzlies are hunted as game animals in spring and fall. They are illegally hunted by hunters and poachers interested in their hides, teeth, and claws for the Asian medical market. For many years there has been concern about the illegal killing of grizzlies, but there is a growing world medical market for bear parts.

Mother grizzly bears protecting their cubs are the most prone to attacking, being responsible for over 70% of fatal injuries to humans. Unlike the small black bears; grizzlies are too large to espace danger by climbing trees, so they respond by standing their ground and warding off the attackers.

Helping Grizzlies

Did you know that Alberta criteria states that if the population is less than 1000 they are endangered but if the population is less than 250 they are endangered? Well right now the population of grizzlies is much less than 1000 and they are very soon to be called endangered. If no one takes action soon, they will also be extinct. If you would like to know how to take action and help grizzlies go to and donate or raise awareness.