Where did all the trees go?

What's Wrong With Deforestation?

Deforestation is cutting down trees but there are different types of deforestation and different names. The word is usually used to describe human’s actions rather than destruction caused by natural events and disasters. The problem is that everybody is cutting down trees. Now only 70% of the world land area is filled with trees. Each year,forests the sizes of Panama are lost. If we don’t make a difference rainforests will disappear. Once these trees are gone we will never have them again. These are just a few things that cause deforestation.

What Causes Deforestation, Anyway?

Deforestation is caused by slash and burn, urbanization, and controlled fires. Slash and burn causes deforestation. It causes deforestation because farmers cut down large trees and then set fire to areas of forest to kill the plants and animals living there. Crops can be grown there for a few years before the land becomes useless, and the farmers move on. The plants and animals may return, but it takes many years and some places never recover. Urbanization is another cause of deforestation. It causes deforestation because humans clear land for homes, buildings, and roads. Controlled fires can cause deforestation. It causes deforestation because when humans set off fires, dry grass or trees can catch on fire and cause a forest fire, killing many plants and animals.

what will happen to us?

Every day we cut down trees, animals that live in those trees lose their homes. 70% of the Earths land animals live in forest, and many can’t survive deforestation. The impact of deforestation makes many homes for us, but building houses makes many animals lose their homes. Trees and other green plants produce oxygen. However when trees are cut down, less oxygen is released into the atmosphere, and in turn, more carbon dioxide is released which also causes global warming. Deforestation can lead to many bad things. If it continues, we will not have air to breathe or an atmosphere that protects us from the sun’s rays which can be very harmful. If we don’t stop soon, the world’s rainforest will never live on in the future.

what can we do to help?

If we don’t stop using paper there will be no more trees left. You can stop reading books and switch to reading on electronics or use recycled paper. Teachers can stop giving students home work and instead put tests and other work on to electronics too. This will save a lot of trees. If you do these things it will also help save the world’s rainforests and there will be more oxygen in the atmosphere.

call to action!!!!

Help stop deforestation by planting more trees for the world. Just by planting one tree in your back or front yard will help save the trees. Just by planting one tree will help. By doing this, we can go from 70% to 90% of the world’s trees. If you do these things you can help stop deforestation!

deforestation pictures

BY:EMMA,ALLY,RYAN, and ETHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!