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Tank, heavily armored track-lying, or treaded military Vehicle, with cross-country mobility and road speeds up to 100 km/hr (60MPH). Tanks have been used for many years. The first tank was used in world war l. The tank terrified and was very effective against the enemy. In both the Korean and Vietnam wars, the tank was relegated to a lesser role because of terrain conditions. Substantial use of tanks was made in the Middle East conflicts known as the six-day war and the Yom Kippur war, as well as in the Persian Gulf wars, where again the tank proved to be effective in quelling civil disturbances.

About Tanks

Tanks have often been classified by weight-such as light, medium, and heavy. The generally range in weight from approximately 14 to 70 metric tons, have at least 15 cm (6 in) of armor plate, and mount guns ranging from 75 mm to 122 mm, as well as both light and heavy machine guns. Light tanks are commonly used for reconnaissance. Heavy tanks are used mainly to penetrate or flank enemy defenses and strike deep into rear areas, in order to seize and hold or to destroy vital installations.

World War || Tanks

Armored combat was expensive and vital in world war ||, with tanks playing a prominent role in the deserts of northern Africa, in the USSR, and in Europe. A particularly massive tank battle was fought by the Germans and soviets near Kursk, Russia, in July 1943. The first tank used in world war || was the French Renault FT-17 followed by many other tanks like the Panzer and the Sherman tank. ” The FT-17 also had the honor of being the first tank whose main arment was housed in a turret with 360 degrees.”

Modern Tanks

The M1 Abrams” main battle tank,” which entered service in the U.S. Army in 1980, has four-person crew, weighs roughly 60 metric tons, measures 8.9M (32ft) in length and 3.7M (12ft) in width, and can reach top speeds of more than 65KM/HR (40mph). It mounts a 105-mm cannon (120-mm in later variants) along with two 7.62-mm and one 50-caliber machine gun.