No Promises in the Wind

Lost Honor


When the boys leave home, they soon realize the world without the guidance of parents is a hard, mean, and dangerous world. They leave home to try to better themselves on their own, rather than have an on edge, out of work father. They realize they need a plan, so they all have the idea of playing music and making money, because all of them have some sort of musical talent. They start out by hopping trains, which is very dangerous, so dangerous that when hopping a train in a railroad yard, Howie is in the way of a train, and dies. Now it is just Josh and his little brother, Joey. They get along fine, hitch hiking from truckers, and they come across a trucker named Lonnie, and he becomes a father figure to the boys, and takes them to Josh's Carnival gig of playing piano in Baton Roug, Louisiana. The carnival burns down, and the boys head north, destination Lonnies house. They head north, getting ripped off by a greedy shoe salesman, and Josh catches cold, and he and his brother fight, and Joey decides to go off on his own. Josh ends up sick, and at Lonnies without knowledge of Joeys whereabouts.

Character Remarks

Conflict and Outcome

The conflict was the fighting between Josh and his father, and the lack of food at the family table. Josh's solution was to leave, and that is what he did. Him, Joey, and Howie left Chicago, and Howie found death, while Joey and Josh only found near death. The outcome was that the boys made it on their own, but with help of acquaintances such as Lonnie. They eventually went home with resolved feelings and experience of what their father was job-less from.