Measuring Social Impact inthe Field

DSIL VC Session 12 | THURSDAY | 29 October @ 11am Bangkok

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Featured Speakers: Jacqui Watts, Learning Specialist; Yennie Lee, Impact Manager and IDEO.ORG

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Session Overview

This session will aim to give participants a deeper understanding of human-centered design, with an emphasis on design for social impact. In addition to diving deeper into the fundamentals of the human-centered design process, this hour will focus on the rapid, iterative process of prototyping as the first means to better understand the impact that a solution is having out in the world. We will take a peek at both the role of quantitative and qualitative information when it comes to impact gathering and touch upon how thinks about measurement when it comes to working in the social sector.

Finally, we will leave you with a few simple ways to start building impact measurement into your own work, and hopefully spark some provocative questions about the important role that impact and impact measurement should play when designing and implementing new solutions.

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Pre-Session Micro- Challenge

Take (or find) and send to us 1 photo of what social impact means to you. Feel free to include a caption if you'd like!

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101 - Introduction

201- Intermediate


Additional Resources/Links


  • Ted Talk: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's 'Danger of the Single Story' (video below)
  • Ted Talk: 'Tim Brown Urges Designers to Think Big' (video below)
The Danger of a Single Story | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | TED Talks
Tim Brown urges designers to think big

Nerd Out!

  • Extra Resources: Frog Design's 'Collective Action Toolkit' and the 'Design Kit' delivered by

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Speaker Profile

Jacqui Watts, Learning Specialist, IDEO.ORG

Jacqui’s role as Learning Specialist focuses on bringing's learning tools—including Design Kit, the +Acumen Course for Human-Centered Design, and the HCD Toolkit—to the design and social sector communities at large. In addition, she works to think about's storytelling, social media, and overall online presence to create a space where people can connect with and with other problem solvers across the globe.

Before joining, Jacqui volunteered with non-profits including Kiva, joining the strategic initiatives team to leverage micro finance for greater social impact, and Uganda Rural Community Support Foundation, where she worked to structure an agriculture-specific micro lending program. Jacqui furthered her grasp of human-centered design as a first-year recipient of an HCD Connect Microgrant for this project. In her spare time, she coordinates an annual HIV/AIDS awareness bicycle ride, Bike Zambia.

She received her Bachelor's in Neuroscience and Psychology from Boston University.

Yennie Lee, Impact Manager, IDEO.ORG

Yennie is responsible for stewarding the measurement and evaluation of's completed projects and its learning platform. She is interested in building tools that evidence early data for pilots and implementation of's prototypes and designs. Before filling this role, she was a member of the Amplify program, supporting its finance, operations, and impact.

Prior to joining, Yennie was at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, supporting a portfolio of grants focused on instructional support and tools for teachers. She received her undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of Chicago. Among her recent achievements includes viewing the recent season of "House of Cards" in a single weekend.


At, we believe that the most potent weapon against global poverty is design. The solutions, systems, and social innovation that arise from truly understanding and designing alongside the poor are the most likely to offer hope and improve lives. And for us, if we can’t see real impact, we haven’t done our jobs.

Born in 2011 out of the global design and innovation firm IDEO, is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to applying human-centered design to alleviate poverty. We partner with nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and foundations, to directly address the needs of the poor in sectors like health, water and sanitation, financial inclusion, agriculture, and gender equity. We employ top-notch designers, an elite class of businesspeople, and development experts, making a flexible and creative organization uniquely situated to tackle poverty through design.

A key pillar of our mission is to spread human-centered design. Though we believe that our design process is crucial to arriving at innovative solutions, we don’t think that we’re the only ones who should be using it. We want everyone on board. By sharing, teaching, and empowering social-sector workers to practice human-centered design, we’re elevating design as a poverty-fighting tool.

We work at home and abroad, on our own projects and promoting and supporting the work of others, spreading the practice and promise of human-centered design. is dedicated innovation, great design, and changing lives.

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