School Lunch Scum!

School Lunch Has Disgusting Stuff In It!

Charles County Lunch.

Charles County is a great county with great schools with great staff and great people, they have good classes and opportunities for students to do sports, get a good education, get scholarships, etc. But when it comes to school lunches its different. The stuff that you see in most kids school lunches is unbelievable. Its mold, fungus, hair, etc. Its DISGUSTING! Who wants to eat that? I sure wouldn't! Its a serious problem that NEEDS to get fixed!

How To Fix The Problem!

How To Pinch In!

Some students don't notice the nasty stuff in their food, so they get sick. Some students see the nasty stuff and say stuff like "this food is nasty" or "this food needs to get fixed" but no one is willing to get help and fix it. The students that do see the nasty stuff in their food just ask for more food and leave it alone. One girl said she found mold in her bread, she said she never would've saw it if she hadn't picked up her bread to put ketchup on her burger. What if she hadn't lifted up her bread? What people should do is notify a teacher, the principal, the Board of Education, etc. They should write letters to those people to get the problem out their so more people can help. And once the problem is addressed, the problem shouldn't happen anymore. We don't have to stop there, we don't have to just address the problem of lunch from our county but help the lunch from other counties as well.

My Infromation.

My name is Mone't. I am a student at Thomas Stone High school. I am in the 9th grade. I am doing this for my SSL project. I chose this topic because I think this topic can benefit everyone and it was an important topic! For more information email me!