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Clear Spring Elementary Staff Newsletter: September 4-7

Welcome Week... A GREAT start to a GREAT year!

I am humbled to be your principal. Our first week back was jam packed with classroom preparations AND learning! Each member of our school community contributed individual gifts, expertise, and passions. As a result, each student will engage in thinking intensive learning the first week of school! I look forward to a great week... and school year! THANK YOU!!!

Guarantees and Celebrations

Clear Spring will guarantee ALL students…

  • Engage in increasingly complex texts and tasks that promote reasoning and problem-solving

    • Therefore, we will celebrate when students…

      • persevere through grade level texts and tasks requiring high cognitive demand

      • set a purpose, track their thinking, justify their reasoning with evidence, and communicate with increasingly sophisticated responses

  • Make meaning in order to earn their understanding

    • Therefore, we will celebrate when students ask questions, challenge others, and defend their understanding through speaking and/or writing

  • Continuously improve

    • Therefore, we will celebrate when students rethink, revise, and reflect to create increasingly sophisticated evidence (model, work sample, writing, etc.)

Back to School Picnic

Breakfast Trash

We hope to receive the new trash cans soon, but as of Monday, we will not have them. Please encourage your students to use specific trash cans for the morning "food" trash and place these in the hallway before 8:00 to be emptied. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Important Information

Week at a Glance

Encore/Encore Ext Schedule:
  • Sept 4: Day 1A
  • Sept 5: Day 2B
  • Sept 6: Day 3C
  • Sept 7: Day 4A

Sept 4-7: The Dot Read Aloud and "Expectations" with Mrs. Pumphrey (see schedule)

Sept 4 & 5: Pre-K home visits

Sept 6 & 7: Pre-K staggered start

Sept 7: Fire Drill (will be announced)

Looking Ahead

Sept 10-14: The Dot Read Aloud and "Expectations" with Carly (see schedule)

Sept 10: Submit artifacts for CFIP (work from Challenge- 3 students)

Sept 10: SST

Sept 11: First CFIP- looking at student work from "Back to School Challenge"

Sept 17: First PLC meeting after school