Autisim Soceity

Dedicated to Helping Family's deal with autisim


Since 1965, the Autism Society has been a leader in serving people with autism, their families and the professionals who serve them. While we are not a research organization, we interpret research for our constituents and contribute to major research initiatives. We are an honest broker of information about current studies and issue bulletins to our constituents to communicate and explain key new research findings.


The Autism society currently sponsors two research initiatives in helping research for autism, The Environmental Health initiative which reviews and interprets research in brain development, and the

Treatment Guided Research Initiative which is to learn about autism through the way people with behave and act to each other.

Ways to get involed

The autisim soceity has many chapters in  many different comunities and it offersmany different activities. There is also an E-new's letter that can give extra information to you personaly.