The Korean War

By: Audie Staton & G-MO

Why War?

- The first reason the United States went to war was China turned communist in 1949 so the U.S. believed that if one nation fell to communism then other nations will. This theory was called the “Domino Theory”.

- The second was to undermine Communism and protect the American way of life – in 1950 the American National Security Council recommended that America start 'rolling back' Communism.

- The third reason was that President Truman realized that the United States was in a competition for world domination with the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union went to war because Joseph Stalin who was the dictator of Russia at the time wanted Communism to grow.

Effects on the World

- 33,000 American men were lost

- Australia had more than 1,500 casualties

- Half a million South Koreans died

- Korea was divided into North and South Korea

- It was able to boost the Japanese economy and help the government.

- The Korean War also legitimized the United Nations as well as brought more military power throughout the world

- The Korea’s suffered massive damage to their economies and infrastructures. The US helped South Korea modernize and industrialize their nation.

Naval Battle of the Han River

- September 28-30, 1951

- The main fighting occurred after an Australian frigate was attacked by communist Chinese forces while transiting the Han River in Korea.

- There were approximately 40 deaths and several guns were destroyed

Brigadier General John H. Church

Church was sent by general MaCarthur to head up a team of officers to work with South Korea’s US Ambassador, John Muccio. The group was to determine what assistance the US could offer the Republic of Korea Army. Church would eventually be placed in command of the 24thInfantry Division when Major General Wiliam F. Dean – commander of the 24th – was captured. Church’s command and a well-organized, brave group of men eventually turned the tables on the Communists. Church remained in command of the 24th until early 1951.

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