4th Grade Magnet Classroom Update

May 23-27

Upcoming Dates

May 24- Magnet field trip to Baltimore

May 26- Fountaindale Exhibition

May 27- PBIS Water Games

June 3- Field Day

Exhibition is this Thursday!

Our Exhibition of Learning is this Thursday, May 26th from 6-7 PM. Please join us to share in our student's celebration of learning from this year! The students have all worked very hard and are very excited to share all their hard work.

With Mr. Warrenfeltz

Students are finishing up their energy projects. They have built a variety of things which demonstrate a conversion of energy into movement. They will reflect on their guiding questions throughout the work as they put the finishing touches on their projects !

With Mrs. Hartley

In ELA, students will continue reading and analyzing their "books in a series" novels in small groups. Additionally, we will begin the 2nd book in the Narnia chronicles.