Careers in Science


Branch of Science

Geneticist would belong under the life science branch because geneticists work with genes and cells which is studying living organisms, which would be categorized under life science.

Education Path

To be a geneticist, a student would need a degree in medicine among others. Advanced classes in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies, as well as Animal Science, Biotechnology, Calculus, Advanced Chemistry, and Statistics and Probability are all helpful High School classes to take. This degree usually educates people in how to prevent, diagnose, and help people with disorders recover. Some college courses would include Statistics and Probability, Biotechnology, and many others.

About the Job

Geneticists research animal and plant genes in their cells. The materials they research depend on the geneticist's specialties. They transfer genes from organism to organism that would benefit from those genes. They're workplace would usually be in a lab or office.

What factors affect Employment for this Job?

In both Wisconsin and the U.S as a whole, people seeking this job would find very good job opportunities.


Wisconsin: From $34,310 - $86,590 annually

National: From $41,560 - $142,800 annually


I chose the company Genevita in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Training Schools and College (Concordia College)

I chose Concordia College because the average GPA for incoming freshman is 3.6 which I thought were really good grades for going into college. Concordia is in Moorhead, Minnesota in a suburban community. It is a four year, private university. The student to faculty ratio is 13:1. I think that this school overall is a very good school to go to for a degree in medicine.


I would see myself taking a career path to be a geneticist because genes and DNA have always interested me and I think I would have a lot of fun doing this job every day after getting a degree in Medicine. Some pros would be getting to work with DNA and working in a lab and some cons would be that I might have to work with some difficult people who want genetic information.


Concordia College requires at least a 3.0 GPA on a scale of 4.0 GPA. There is no information about SAT or ACT requirements.

Geneticist at Work

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