Kindergarten News

Kindergarten's Weekly Newsletter - Issue 3

CURRICULUM NEWS for September 4th- 8th

SEPTEMBER 4th - 8th


  • am, can, the


  • Mm, Ss, Ff, Bb, Tt, Cc, Aa, Rr


  • Yellow


  • Telling the difference between a letter & a word
  • Nouns
  • Names


  • 3 Ways to Write: Draw a picture, add labels, write a sentence


  • Number Sense 6 - 10


  • The Five Senses


  • Citizenship & Authority Figures


Please have your child practice his/ her keyboarding skills...

Weekly Homework

Please complete the following homework each night:

Monday - No homework/ No school

Tuesday - Practice counting 0-50 (by rote). Practice identifying numbers 0-10 using flash cards (you can write numbers on index cards)

Wednesday - Practice putting the number flash cards in order 0-10 (mix up the cards, then have your child put them in order)

Thursday - Practice writing numbers 0 - 10 correctly

Friday - No homework

*After student math assessments are complete (mid to late October), the kindergarten teachers will send math homework that is on level and above level. If your child has mastered 0-10 then you can increase the numbers written above.

Remember to read for 20 minutes each night!

There are many fun and interactive

websites for literacy.

Here are a few FREE online resources:

Count to 20 Song

COUNT TO 20!!!!!!! hip counting song for kids)

Important Dates to Remember

Monday, September 4th - No school/ Labor Day

Thursday, September 7th - Wear yellow

Friday, September 8th - Good Morning Windsong Assembly

Good Morning Windsong will take place in the cafe at 7:50. A Sign-Up Genius will be sent from the front office ahead of time. Please sign up if you plan on attending.

*Save the Date* Friday, October 27th - Pumpkin Patch Field Trip (information coming in late September)

Are you interested in becoming a Kindergarten Volunteer?

Volunteering & Chaperoning

PISD states that ALL volunteers complete the district Volunteer Background Check EACH YEAR and clearance is necessary before being allowed to volunteer in any capacity (including field trips, classroom, parties, etc.).

Click here to complete your background check!

  • It takes up to 2 weeks (sometimes more) to be cleared, so please complete it soon if you plan to volunteer.
  • Field Trips: Parents who do not have a cleared background check on file may not volunteer to chaperone other students but may attend field trips with their own student.

Change of Clothes

Accidents happen (lunch spills, fall in the mud, etc.)! Please keep a change of clothes in your child's backpack at all times. Be sure to change the clothes out with the season.