Foreshadowing in Walk Two Moons

by Jason Bura

Summary of Walk Two Moons

Sharon Creech's novel, Walk Two Moons, is about a 13-year old girl named Salamanca Tree Hiddle. Sal and her grandparents go on a road trip to Lewiston, Idaho, to visit her mother and along the way Sal tells a story about her and her friend Phoebes adventures.

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech uses foreshadowing to give the reader hints about big events coming up in the book.

Event One

One of the events foreshadowed in the book, Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech is the death of Sal's mother in a bus accident. Gram and gramps wanted to see momma, who was resting peacefully in Lewiston, Idaho. (Creech 5). Also a few pages later it mentions one of Sal's big fears. On page 13 it says that Sal is terrified of car accidents. In chapter 42 another clue comes up. While Sal was driving to Lewiston, she pulled over near a man parked so she could take a break and gather her wits and while she was there a man said," A bus went off the road here - a year or more ago," he said," skidded right there coming out of this here overlook and on through the railing and rolled over into those trees." (Creech 262). All of these events foreshadow the death of Sal's mother. On the fifth page it states, her mother was resting peacefully (in her grave) at Lewiston, Idaho. Also on page 262 a man saw a bus accident and watched a bus roll of into the trees. All of these events foreshadow or give hints to Sal's mother's death.

Event Two

Another of the events foreshadowed is the death of Gram, Sal's grandmother. One of the main clues of Gram's death is on page 259. While Gram was lying on the hospital bed Gramps tried to talk to her but the nurse said that she wouldn't be able to hear him and Gramps said," She'll always be able to hear me. A couple pages earlier another event foreshadowed Gram's death. Gram was still, her head pressed against the back of the seat and her hands folded in her lap. " Gooseberry ?" When Gram spoke you could hear the rattle in her chest. (Creech 251) This obviously shows a change in Gram's behavior and personality which hints the reader something is wrong with Gram. Aldo the hint saying she'll always be able to hear Gramps is another one of the big clues because Gramps is admitting yes that she is dead but that she could still hear and be with him. Both of these events are clues of Gram's death and hints for the reader to find.