Leaders in Learning

FUESD Certificated Staff, September 6, 2013

What's Leaders in Learning?

What is Leaders in Learning? Well, it's that weekly paper bulletin that you see in your mailbox every week or so, but in a bright and shiny new digital format! This bi-weekly publication brought to you by Educational Services, TOSAs, and Educational Technology, is a way for teachers to hear about and share all of the wonderful things that are happening at our schools. This will be a place to communicate about upcoming events and reminders; acknowledgement of the hard work, dedication, and time teachers are giving to our students; and eventually the ability for teachers to collaborate with one another across the district. We've created headings around the ideas of The Leader in Me, so that we can continue to keep those ideas in our thoughts. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

Think Win-Win

Everyone can win...

We only get one chance to prepare our students for a future that none of us can possibly predict. What are we going to do with that one chance?

--A quote from The Leader in Me

Begin with the End in Mind

Have a plan...

Monday September 9
  • DELAC Meeting @ MEEC Rm. 206/207 6:00-7:30PM

Tuesday September 10

  • All day Gateways Initial Training @ DO Rooms 5 and 6

Wednesday September 11

  • All day Gateways Initial Training @ DO Rooms 5 and 6
  • SuccessMaker Training @ DO Room 302 8:00AM-11:00AM
Thursday September 12
  • All day Gateways Initial Training @ DO Rooms 5 and 6
  • DII Model Lessons @ MFP

Friday September 13

  • DII Model Lessons @ MFP

Be Proactive

You're in charge...

Here are some great shout-outs from across the District:

  • Fallbrook Homeschool Academy staff started our year off with a big celebration of student achievement! The staff at FHA wishes everyone all the best in this coming school year!

  • News flash! FSS just came off a year of great learning, and we immediately dove into a new year of academic achievement and cultural success. We work hard. We never quit. We are going to college.

  • La Paloma's motto, "Together as a Pack" has been so evident in the ways teachers and staff came back to start the year off, with excitement and pride in all we accomplished last year, and in the desire to bring our best to the students and families we serve. It has been evident in the many ways that everyone has reached out to all the new LAP staff members through help, encouragement, and support, and making them feel a part of our family.

  • WHF's had a great start to the year! "Readers are Leaders" at WHF and students are excited to take the path to college. Way to go, Dolphins!

  • A BIG thank you to the Dual teachers for being such a wonderful, supportive audience for our first official Tech TOSA training on MyOn Reader!

  • PJHS Educators will proactively create an Effective Learning Environment by establishing a safe classroom where students are rigorously challenged, motivated, and supported to maximize learning. Our classes will be an inviting, engaging, and inclusive place where students develop their individual voices and strengths.

  • MFP had very successful and well-attended Back-to-School-Nights for all grades K-8. Our students are excited about the new computer program Dreambox and anxiously await their turn on the computer! We are engaged in learning through some hands-on experiences with the implementation of Common Core Math. We launched The Leader in Me, by Stephen Covey and all students are settled in for a great start to the new school year.

  • The teachers at San Onofre have definitely embraced The Leader in Me. When you walk into classrooms, you are often welcomed by the class greeter. Classes are singing songs and writing about the 7 habits. All of our kindergarten classes performed a song about being proactive at our monthly flag ceremony. Our teachers are creating the future leaders of the 21st century!

  • A Shout Out to Live Oak's Kinder Team!!! They have had an amazing start of the school with their little friends! The team consists of Chereana Bowman, a first year teacher, Andrea Hernandez, in her first fulltime position with Kinder Dual, and Paula McDonald, the seasoned one - mentoring these two as diligently as a mother hen with her new chicks! They really have their hands full but do it all with a smile and positive attitude! Kindergarten Teachers ROCK!!

  • MCC is doing a great job being collaborative in implementing the new curriculum!

Seek First to Understand, then to Be Understood

Listen (or learn) before you talk (or teach).....

We know everyone is feeling the pressure to understand what Common Core math is supposed to look like in your classroom. Here is a link showing how third grade students share their thinking about math.


Here is another great Common Core math resource. These are great academic vocabulary cards for each grade level that fit perfectly in a pocket chart. It's the little things in life, right? Thanks to Anita at LOE for the share!


Try these easy to use strategies to help students stay focused.


Writing frames give EL students structure to share ideas.


And here's a great song about the Seven Habits to the tune of "Dynamite." Just an FYI... You'll need to change your school name!



Together is better...

Sharpen the Saw

Balance feels best....

Brain Breaks have been quite popular for awhile now. Here is a great resource for you to get your students up and moving!