Salt Facts

By; Kile Bellman


As far back as 6050 BC, salt gas been a very important part of the worlds history. Woven into pretty much everyones lives. Used by many different races and cultures of people. Even the word salad originated from the word salt. Solnitsata was the earliest known town in Europe that was build around a salt production facility.

Types of Salt

Kosher Salt- Used for all cooking.

Crystalline Sea Salt- Used to add a burst of flavored to just cooked foods.

Flaked Sea Salt- Used to bring complex flavor to steamed veggies/shellfish.

Fleur de Sel- Used as a special occasion table salt.

Rock Salt- Making Ice cream and deicing.

Picking Salt- Brining pickles and sauerkraut.


A recipe made with salt includes Apple Crisp.

You use salt fresh.

You can use salt in all dishes whether sweet or savory.

Health Benefits

It is critical to your lift. Its a basic element of which your body is made. Without salt you couldn't exist. it is a fundamental level of the physical body.

Interesting Facts

Pound bars of salt were basic currency in abyssinia now called ethiopia.

Consumption of to much salt can be very deadly.

Good quality sea salt contains many essential minerals for the body.

In the middle ages salt was so expensive it was sometimes referred to as White Gold.