Woodland Elementary School

Elementary Updates for January 14

A Note from Mr. Wollberg

What a great kick-off to the new year at Elementary this week! It was so great to see our students and staff return from the two-week break refreshed and ready to go as we continue through the year. As always it was a busy week at Elementary but I would be remiss if I did not address one of the top things on everyone's mind these days and that is the pandemic. I understand that the numbers continue to rise throughout the country and world because of the Omicron Variant. As such, I was very excited that we were able to offer SHIELD testing for all students on Thursday this week. As I write this on Friday afternoon we are still awaiting results due to a delay in the lab receiving the results. As soon as we get results from Thursday's test we will be reaching out to those families that have students who were identified as being Covid positive. If you do not hear from anyone please assume your child tested negative.

Please also note that with the day off on Monday, we will be SHIELD testing again next week on Thursday as well.

We also received updated guidance for schools from public health officials. Dr. Casey sent out an update earlier today with more information related to this and how the updates impact our Woodland Families. We will continue to prioritize safety at Elementary, and throughout the district, as we continue to make adjustments.

In lighter news, our Physical Education teachers are starting our Kid's Heart Challenge. Please see below for further details but this is such a fun event for our students and they love the prizes they earn through the fundraiser.

Lastly, our annual Gurnee Teacher of the Year contest is officially open. I have heard from so many of our parents about how amazing our staff at Elementary has/is doing and your nominations go a long way with our staff. I am truly so proud of how our staff has been so supportive during these past few years of all of our students and we appreciate your nominations for them in this contest.

Thank you as always for everyone's help and support as we continue to navigate through this school year. Your partnership with us as a school helps make Woodland Elementary continue to thrive no matter what obstacles are put in our way.


Ryan Wollberg


No School-Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Monday, Jan. 17th, 7am

This is an online event.

Gurnee Teacher of the Year

The Village of Gurnee Teacher of the Year award recognizes the excellent teachers who support the students in our learning community. We invite you to recognize teachers of all types such as homeroom, art, music, specialists, interventionists, physical education, special education, health, computer and more. All certified staff are eligible for nomination.

Nominate an amazing teacher today!

NOMINATION FORM English / Spanish

Nominations will be accepted through Monday, Jan. 31, 2022.

Visit the Teacher of the Year website to see previous winners and learn more!

Kids Heart Challenge

We are excited to kick off our Kids Heart Challenge this year. This fundraiser provides funds to the American Heart Association. This fundraiser will be 100% online. We will not be collecting cash donations. All online donations need to be completed by Feb. 18th. To participate, please click on the link below!

Kids Heart Challenge is officially off the ground and running at our school and we are SO excited to be learning about how to keep our hearts happy and healthy! Be sure that your student jumps on board to join us in taking the challenge to keep their hearts healthy and earning a free reminder wristband!

Health Updates

Hello Parents, we have the common goal of keeping your child safe, healthy, and learning. Here are a few kind reminders of D50 COVID-19 Guidance in accordance with the Lake County Health Dept:

Health Office Communication: Please use the NEW email elemhealthoffice@dist50.net or call 847-984-8810 beginning January 1, 2022 when communicating with the Health Office at Elementary.

Health Office Hours: The hours of the Health Office is M-F 7:20AM-2:55PM.

COVID-19 Vaccination Paperwork: If you choose, submit a copy of your child's vaccination card after the second vaccine is completed to the Health Office. This will be taken into consideration related to quarantine procedures.

Dental Forms Due for 2nd Graders: All second grade parents, submit a copy of your current dental form as required by the school code by May 4, 2022.

Extra Clothes: To help expedite student return to class as soon as possible when accidents occur, place an extra set of clothes in the book bag of your child.

We are happy to help. Please contact us for questions.

Big picture
Big picture

Drop Off/Pick Up Reminders

In the last few weeks, we have seen an influx of students being dropped off. As such, we have had to make an adjustment to our drop-off procedures for the morning hours as outlined below. All changes are notated in bold:

Drop Off in the Morning (starts at 7:25 and ends at 7:45):

  • Please consider having your child take the bus
  • If your child will be dropped off, please remain in your car at all times
  • If it is after 7:45 and cars are still entering the pickup line, an administrator will stop traffic flow to the rear of the building and parents will need to park in a parking spot in the front of the building on either Elementary East or Elementary West. An adult should escort their child to the front doors of their respective school (signs will be posted effective December 9).
  • All cars that are in line by 7:45 will be able to utilize the drop-off in the rear of the building as has been our practice for this year and students WILL NOT be marked tardy.
  • If it is AFTER 7:50 and your child is entering the front of the building, your child will be marked tardy.

Pick Up Reminders:

  • We ask that parents who are picking up do not come until at least 2:05 as we have PE classes outside until that time and the earlier parents show up places a burden on these classes.
  • In the event you plan on picking up your child, please email your child's teacher or send in a written note as soon as possible so we are aware of the change. We will NOT allow them to go to pick up unless this comes directly from a parent/guardian.
  • In the pick up line, please do not block our transportation lot in the rear of the building so buses can come and go as necessary.
  • Please let transportation know of any address changes needed as these changes can take anywhere from 5-10 business days. Follow this link to complete the form.
  • If you would like to follow your child's bus in real time, consider downloading the Versatrans App found on the transportation website.
  • Please adhere to all signs and maintain a slow speed as to avoid any injuries to students or staff.

We truly appreciate your help in this matter and we thank you!

January Breakfast/Lunch Menu

Big picture
Big picture

COVID-19 Dashboard

With more students returning into the building we are hearing more and more questions about the relocation of classrooms and actual cases of Covid. Woodland created a COVID-19 Dashboard to help stakeholders understand the impact of this virus-specific to Woodland. Please check the dashboard daily to see case counts for students and staff. This is a live document and the data will be updated throughout the day as new cases are confirmed.

The COVID-19 dashboard provides a big picture view of COVID19 cases in our Woodland learning community. More specific information will be shared by us at Elementary or classroom level if your child was potentially impacted by a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.