We The Primates

Learn about our primative friends !

What makes you a primate

-You have to have opposable thumbs

-You have to be warm blooded

-You have to have fur

-You have to be an omnivore

-You have to have bilateral symmetry

Primal Characteristics

-Thermorgulation-maintain and change body temp.(hair,sweat glands)

-Nutritional Efficiency-eat and digest a lot.(hard palate)

-Locomotion And Positive-move in many different ways.(variety of options when traveling)

-Multiple,Developed Life Stages-spread growth and development over a long period of time.(utero,infancy,juvenile,adult)

-Behavioral Flexibility-change behavior to cope with changes in environment.(large brains,increase in chance of surviving)

3 Types Of Primates

* Chemical Feature? It's Abstract! *

Primal Physical Features

-Generalized limp structure(like humans)

-Digits(for grasping objects)

-Sharp/Color vision

-Nails and Sensitive pads

-Big evolved brain

-Brow ridges(protect their eyes)

-Decrease in smell and nose structure

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