Israelian News

By Caleb Kuhn

Israel only gets 40 in. of rain fall in the North and in the south it is desert with summer temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and gets only one inch of rain fall annually. They grow oranges, grape fruits, and lemons. 80% of people there are Jewish and the other 20% are Palestinians. 90% of people live in urban areas, with the largest cities being Jerusalem

The Drop on Israel

Desalinization is the process most countries living by seawater use. It is the process of making seawater drinkable because they can't drink it straight because of the salt in it. And since some are desert its kind of hard to find water. So they use desalinization.
The Bedouins are the desert people of South Asia. They tend to be split up into clans or tribes. They love to ride camels and go camping in the desert.
The two positives of the Aswan Dam is that it gives control over the niles flood water. Another one is that it can store water for months. One problem is that it makes farmland less fertile. Another problem is that it prevents less freshwater from reaching the Delta.
The Saharra desert is about the size of North America. It stretches from Egypt westward across North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean. Saharra comes from the Arabic word meaning desert.
The Suez Canal separates the Sinai peninsula from the rest of Egypt. It is a human made waterway. Ships use it to pass from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.