Laissez Faire in the United States

10 ways this isn't still present.

The government is too controlling with health care, saying we must have it, it's not a choice.

If you're a business, they want a certain percentage of what you gain, so you aren't gaining full income.

The government is trying to censor the internet and that's practically going against free speech.

They are trying to shut down somethings in the video game industry; they should just let the parents deal with it.

They are getting into our lives such as what we want to do, like the drug war. It's our bodies and we should be able to do whatever we want to do to it.

The government can access our phones and can listen in on our conversations and read all of our text messages, along with seeing what we've done on our phones.

They can get can see everything you've done on the internet through your ip address, along with your passwords, emails, downloads, everything!

They are getting into the school educational systems and making kids learn certain things that aren't true or are over exaggerated.

They can search your premises/property without a warrant.

The government can we are a terrorist and can throw us in jail without trial.