Middle School LA & Religion

Miss Foyle - 1/16/15

Important Announcements and Reminders

*Congratulations to the 8th Graders on their collective success on the ACT Aspire Exam! (See the latest ICSJ email blast for details.)

*In honor of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, there will be no school on Monday, January 19th. Enjoy the long weekend!

*Please remember to check your child's red assessment folder each weekend. As there will be no progress reports this trimester, it is extra important that you see assessments/rubrics/scores for each subject as they are returned to your child. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

*Please keep the 8th graders in your prayers as they make their final preparations for the Sacrament of Confirmation. (For important Confirmation dates, please keep reading below.)

*SAVE THE DATE* Please join us on Monday, January 26th, for our annual Grandparents' Day (as part of Catholic Schools' Week 2015)! Classrooms will be open for guests from 8:20-10 a.m., and breakfast/coffee will be available. Please RSVP (via the slip sent home) if you are planning to attend. We look forward to welcoming you!

Upcoming Confirmation Dates

*Tuesday, January 20th - Saint & Sponsor need to be chosen (in-class activity/reflection)

*Sunday, February 8th - Confirmation Retreat

10-3pm @ Mother Cabrini Shrine (Lakeview)

*Wednesday, March 4th - Confirmation Vigil & Practice

7pm @ St. Joseph's Church

*Friday, March 6th - Confirmation (Mass with Bishop Kane)

7pm @ St. Joseph's Church

Please remember to have your child submit his/her service hour reflection/record forms as he/she completes hours.

New & Noteworthy in 322

Grade 6 Reading & Language Arts

Book Clubs: Students will have finished their hero novels by this Friday. Throughout the "journey," students have been charting the progress of the heroes, and they have come to a few conclusions on greed, power, and courage. A final assessment will be given next Thursday, January 22. (Some students still need to finish their respective blog posts on the different types of paragraphs - Mrs. Musick & I will be speaking to those students next week.)

Writing Workshop/Poetry: Students were introduced to Learnzillion this week to watch some short, meaningful videos on different strategies for and components of reading/writing poetry. After watching the videos (and taking notes on a graphic organizer), students worked in pairs to put the skill into practice. They eventually tried the skills with poems on their own. In addition, students worked together to complete a Webquest about various poetic elements, including alliteration, rhyme scheme, mood, tone, and more.

Grammar & Editing: This week, students identified the correct to/too/two to use in different sentences. They didn't think it was too hard... They also spent time understanding when to use let vs leave and rise vs raise. It's amazing the subtle differences in a sentence that change which word will be grammatically correct! Also, students reviewed the common editing/proofreading marks, and they practiced their comma knowledge to boot! Next week students will finish up Unit 3 and do a review activity. The test will be the following week.

Genius Hour: Stay tuned until next week...

Grade 7 Religion

This week marked the beginning of the 7th grade's Family Life unit. Students have covered the first four lessons, which range in topics from active listening to experiencing compassion to exploring identity as they mature into teenagers. Students have an ongoing graphic organizer for both bellwork and vocabulary. Most activities are completed in class; though, from time to time, students may need to complete a "unit" (2 chapter) review at home. After the series of 10 lessons, students will have a quiz.

Grade 8 Religion

The main focus for the first part of this week was for students to examine and explore the how the Sacrament of Confirmation fits in with the other Sacraments: those of Initiation/Welcome into the Church (Baptism & Eucharist) as well as those that leave an indelible mark (Baptism & Holy Orders). In future weeks, students will reflect on their own Baptismal call and promises, and they will eventually renew these at Confirmation.

Later in the week, students examined some of the main symbols and the "requirements" for Confirmation. Students reviewed the importance of service hours, and they have been charged with making sure they've chosen a Saint and sponsor by Tuesday, Jan. 20th. Students have received handouts and have participated in discussions to help them in this process.