Bobcat Bulletin

Staff Edition

February 25, 2019

Keeping you Informed

5forALL Focus

Each week I would like to highlight a technique or strategy that is part of 5forALL.

5forALL Infographic

This week a good focus is directions for academic interactions. See the attached PDF

ELPAC Testing-

Starting on Tuesday and continuing through Friday our EL students will be doing their ELPAC testing.

Wednesday PLC- Teacher Planning Day

With Hope Suicide and Depression Presentation

As you may know, mental health concerns among middle school age students have been on the rise nationwide. In accordance with a new California requirement which asks schools to educate students on the risks of suicide and depression, students will hear a presentation from the With Hope Foundation about these topics during their social studies classes Tuesday. This presentation can be emotional. If you have a student who looks distraught or upset after this presentation please send them to the office to see Sally, Neha, or Emily. We are prepared on Tuesday and Wednesday we will have more students come to the office to discuss their concerns.

Saturday Academy #2

This last Saturday we held our 2nd Academy. We had approximately 30 students participate. We will be looking at dates for March and May. Some schools have done Super Saturdays where they create a theme and bring in speakers and outside groups that align with curriculum and have drawn in hundreds of students. If you and some colleagues have an idea for a Super Saturday let me know. Don't forget a Saturday pays $158 for 4 hours of work and 2 hours of planning.

Calendar for February / March

February 25-28- 8th Grade Math District Benchmark Testing

March 8th- Valencia High School Counselors visit and class registration for 2019-2020 (for students attending VHS only)

March 11-13- Math 6/7 Accelerated Math Benchmark Testing

March 14th- Pi Day!

March 18-22- 8th Grade shirts delivered

March 26- El Dorado, Esperanza, and Yorba Linda High School Counselors visit and class registration for 2019-2020 (For students attending our other three feeder schools)

March 28th- R.E.A.C.H. Foundation District Track and Field Meet at YLHS

Have a Great Week!