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Wesley Cobble


When Wesley was talking to Vernon before Vernon punches Scott, he sounded calm and talked about how he got a stripe on his car.


Wesley helped out when Scott's mother was about to give birth by driving them to the hospital quickly.


When Wesley faced a group of people on the street that owed him money, he was very serious about it.


"Mike was leaning on Wesley Cobble's Mustang in the student lot. Wesley walked over and said something to him. Mike got of the car, but then he swung at Wesley. Wesley took the punch right on the jaw. He didn't move. Even from far off, I could see Mike's eyes change." This scene is very surprising for how friendly he is later on in the novel.


Wesley knows a lot about cars and driving them, he is also probably the best fighter at the school.
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To me, Wesley resembles a porcupine. He is protective and also threatening, but he really is a nice person behind all those spikes.

Dreams for the future

He may start becoming friends with other people and Scott may incorage him to read some books.