Using Peer Video Analysis

Improving Literacy Instruction

By: Gina Meredith

Dr. Tanya Christ

- Assistant Professor at Oakland University
-Literacy Assessment

-Literacy Instruction

-Research on Collaborative Peer Video Analysis

-Became interested in her research while getting Doctorate

What is Peer Video Analysis?

-Video Tape your literacy instruction

-Share with colleagues

-Get feedback, different perspectives, new ideas

It is Unique

It is Unique!

- Evaluate real life experiences

- Self Evaluate (reviewing)

- Peer Evaluate (collaborate, different insight, different perspectives)

- Broadens your views

- Flexible learning tool

- Gain clarity of your purpose of lessons

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"Teachers are the key element of student's literacy achievements"


-Concerns about children being video taped

-Teachers need to communicate effectively

- Approach as a teacher's tool to become better

- Have parents watch video


-Create time and space

-Provide resources

-Allow extra prep time/In-service days

-Good tool for Principals (evaluations for teachers)

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What's Next?

-How to apply what you learn from your peers

-Have follow ups

- Use research to help future educators