Are You Tuff or Tough?

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton


There is a difference between tough and tuff. Tough basically just rhymes and means rough. And example of something tough is a rock. Another example of tough is a scar or the bark of tree.So when somebody says something or someone is tough, they basically mean that you or part of you looks and/or is very rough, or firm. An example of this is shown .


Tuff basically defined most gangs such as greasers or Socs. Tuff mostly meant cool or sharp. An example would be a Mustang(car). Another example would be a tuff record or a tuff look. Now when people from gangs(greasers) say that you look tuff they mean that you look really intimidating.

Tuff vs. Tough

Tough and tuff carry out there differences by the way people define them or how they're pronounced. For instance, in the story, The Outsiders, when the Socs Bob and Randy find their girlfriends hanging out with greasers, Two-Bit gives them a tuff look by cocking his eyebrow. Another example is when your seatbelt gets stuck in a lock and its too strong to take out, its tough.