By: Eleanor Flanigan

Typing Web

In Typing Web, you will learn to type with accuracy and speed. with different themes and fun levels and games, Typing Web can be for all ages. Technology standards give you a goal to try for and with the help of the 5 minute typing warm-up at the start of every technology class, students improve quickly and develop good habits. You will improve your typing speed and accuracy and no longer have to look at the keys as often.


This technology unit is one of my personal favorites. You will be able to create a movie trailer about whatever you want, have fun seeing other trailers, and get creative with the themes and videos.

career locker

Career Locker give you a chance to explore your dream job. Whether it's a construction worker to an artist, Career Locker has it all. Find your go-to college and even a new favorite job. With Career Locker, you can find all the jobs you've ever dreamed of.

explain everything

This fun, short unit is easy and gives you a chance to be the teacher. Explain a how to solve a math problem using creative pictures and narrate you slideshow. This unit is quick and simple, so make sure to do it right.


Challenging puzzles and programming make the best coding site there is. You will explore the world of code and learn quickly to code and draw using shapes and functions. Code will enhance your logic skills and twist your brain. If you like lots of brain teasers and computer science, than is the site for you.

haiku deck

After you explore Career Locker, you will make a fun, informative Haiku Deck all about your dream job. Find all of the interesting templates and experience a new way to present. Look at others dream jobs and have fun presenting your own.