Heartland Family Newsletter

Heartland Happenings - August 7, 2022

Notes From Ms. Johnson

Greetings Heartland Families!

Welcome to the 22/23 school year! After what feels like a VERY short summer - it's time to starting getting ready for the start of the school year! Can you believe that it is only 4 days away? I am so very excited to welcome all of our Heartland Thunderhawks! The teachers are all back and we had a BLAST getting to know each other and celebrating a fresh start to the new school year!! Our first day with both new teachers and returning faculty was a success and I can't tell you how AMAZING it is to be in the building - getting ready for kids! Camp Thunderhawk was a hit and our WEB kiddos knocked it out of the park!! What a WONDERFUL few days it has been!!

Additionally, I want to spend a brief moment talking about schedule changes. It's a good reminder every year that our counseling team spends a BUNCH of time making sure that students receive a schedule that works well and is as accommodating to requests as possible. Our classes are full for sure. Remember, the computer decides what team a student is assigned to which will determine the core teachers a student has. For the most part, schedule changes are not possible. An exception to this would be if we have inadvertently left off a performing art class like band, orchestra, or choir - please let us know and we will fix that immediately. 8th-grade parents - please see the special note below for you regarding Spanish vs. Literacy.

We recognize that in order to be successful in school, our students need support from both the home and school. We look forward to building a strong partnership with you to make a lasting impact in your student's education. Here are some simple starting points to get the school year off to a GREAT start:

  1. ENCOURAGE your student to attend school daily and arrive on time (doors open at 7:10a with school starting at 7:40a)
  2. ENCOURAGE your student to share the school experience with you so that you are aware of their school life.
  3. ENCOURAGE your student to inform you or us if they need help in any subject or with friends in their class.
  4. ENCOURAGE your student to dream about what they want from life as they prepare for this next school year.

Please consider becoming an active member of our Heartland Thunderhawk school community. Volunteer opportunities exist in specific activities and our SENSATIONAL Heartland PTO is always looking for help. It's an AMAZING way to be active in middle school life. See the information below from our HPO to stay connected and get involved.

This newsletter may be a bit lengthy but it will have lots of information that many of our incoming 6th grade parents need to know. Be sure to scan through all of the information so that you can stay informed! As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our office.



Veronica Johnson

Principal, Heartland Middle School


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2022-2023 New Faculty & Staff

Click here to meet Heartland's newest faculty and staff members!

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Camp Thunderhawk - Welcome Incoming 6th Graders!

8th Grade Spanish vs. Literacy

You may remember earlier in the summer we sent out a questionnaire regarding your preference for your 8th-grade student as to whether they had Spanish I or 8th Literacy for this next year. The results from that questionnaire are universal throughout the district. Parents predominantly wanted their students to take Spanish I or a World Language of some sort. Please know that we are slowly (as a district) in the process of removing all World Languages from the middle school level due to the teacher shortage. There simply aren't enough teachers out there certified to teach World Languages so those we have must be moved to the HS level as there are graduation requirements that must be met. This is completely unfortunate - we realize this.

With the majority of our parents at Heartland requesting Spanish - we are letting the computer randomly assign who are rostered to this class. That means that schedule changes between Literacy and Spanish will not be possible. Should you have any questions regarding the selection process - please contact Mr. Hudson who will be the 8th-grade administrator for this year.

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As it states above - the federal waiver providing free lunch and breakfast for students has expired. Therefore, Heartland is asking that you please take a moment and fill out an application for free and reduced lunch. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE HERE!! The worst that happens is that you do not qualify. However, many individuals who apply end up qualifying and they didn't think they would. Wouldn't it be great to have the option of a free or reduced lunch/breakfast for your student?!! You can either use the QR code above or click the link below to apply.


Anyone applying before Sept. 30th will be entered to win a 50" tv!! I want someone from Heartland to win this!!

Lunch Account Information:

Add money to your child's lunch account at https://www.mypaymentplus.com/welcome. Lunch cost will be $3.30 and breakfast cost $2.00. Snack bar items will be offered starting in the middle of September for an additional cost.

Attention Parents/Guardians of Incoming 7th Grade Students:

Before your child begins the 7th grade he/she will need a Tdap Booster, or you will need to complete a Certificate of Exemption which is mailed to the State of Oklahoma by the school. The Tdap is a vaccination normally administered between 11 and 12 years of age. Many of you have probably already had your child vaccinated. If you have not sent a copy of this vaccination to the school, please bring a copy to the school nurse or email a copy to: immunizations@edmondschools.net. In the subject line, please put "Heartland Student." If you have already sent it in, we thank you! Click the following link for the Immunization Exemption Form. If you need assistance with a Certificate of Exemption please contact our school nurse by email at tori.moore@edmondschools.net and she will be happy to help you.

Here is a link to read more about this vaccination:


FAQ's for Heartland Middle School

  • Water Bottles - We encourage students to have a water bottle with them each day. We do have water bottle filling stations in the school and will work with your student to make sure they have access to bottle filling when it is needed. This year, we will not allow anything other than water in the classroom.
  • Chromebooks - All students will utilize a Chromebook as an instructional tool. If your student is new to Heartland or will be entering the 6th grade - we will issue those Chromebooks on or around the first day of school. All returning students should make sure that they have their Chromebook charged up and ready to go for the first day.
  • Backpacks - We will not be using lockers at Heartland Middle School. After the last few years - we found out that it saves us so much trouble with hallway issues and tardies. Additionally, we do not have enough lockers for every student to have their own. Therefore, we encourage all students to have a backpack of some type. A question that comes our way deals with rolling backpacks. Yes - your student may use a rolling backpack if they would like.
  • When can my student enter the building? - Doors open for car rider and bus entrance at 7:10am. At that time - all students will proceed directly to the cafeteria for breakfast or to their Advisory class. Students will not be able to congregate to socialize. Remember, school starts promptly at 7:40am.
  • Band/Orchestra/Sports Equipment - Students will work directly with their coach or director as to where to put equipment when they enter the building.
  • Textbooks - There are very few - if any - classes that will use a textbook that the student will transport. We have moved to classroom sets. Therefore, please note that this is one less thing for students to negotiate that we all had to deal with when we were in school. Remember that old social studies book that was always REALLY big and you hated to carry around? That's a thing of the past...
  • School Supplies - Yes - there is a school supply list for Heartland. (see below) However, in Middle School - school supplies are not as mission-critical as they were in elementary. We ask that your student NOT bring in any school supplies until Monday August 15th. The first few days of school are stressful enough without having to lug in the big "paper grocery bag" full of supplies.
  • Dress Code - This tends to be the time when people really ramp up the back-to-school shopping. Additionally, you've waited all summer for that last growth spurt so you don't buy clothes that are immediately too small. I completely get it. As you go forth into the world of shopping for your students - please remember that "weekend attire" and school attire are not always the same. Please keep comfort and modesty in mind. To read the full dress code policy, please click the button below.
Edmond Public Schools Dress Code Policy

Policy #4510 - Revised 08/02/2021

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2nd HMS Information Day Tuesday, August 9th - 4:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Walk Your Schedule
  • Meet Our Heartland Parent Organization
  • Purchase Your Thunderhawk Gear
  • If all requested information is received by Monday 8/8 by 5pm, you will receive your schedule by 3pm on 8/9/22. This will allow you to participate in the 2nd MS Information Day.
  • Teachers will not be in the building BUT all teachers will have QR code videos on their door to introduce themself to you.
  • You may enter the building through either the main or grand entrance (north or south porch) but most of the available parking is located on the south side of the building.
  • We will not be printing schedules during this event. Please take that into consideration and we ask that you bring your released student schedule with you.
  • 6th Grade & New to Heartland Parent Meeting from 6pm - 7pm in the cafeteria. *This will be a very similar meeting as the one presented last May. If you feel comfortable with the information, feel free to sit this one out.
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Providing a Safe and Orderly Environment is a Primary Concern at The Heart!

Our aim is to make the drop off & load line before and after school even safer with your help.

Morning Drop Off Procedures:

  • When arriving in the morning, do follow the traffic circle to the south entry of Heartland. Our young scholars may exit their vehicles along the sidewalk on the north side of the drive where Heartland supervisors are directing traffic. Please do not allow your student to exit your vehicle until you have reached to front of the line and are directed to do so. Students have 2 choices once they have entered the building: 1.) students can report directly to their advisory class until advisory begins at 7:40 OR 2.) students can report directly to the cafeteria for breakfast and then directly to advisory after they have finished their breakfast.

  • As directed by our educators, pull up all the way to the front. We will be using the left & right lanes for vehicle departure.

  • Also:

  • Students being dropped off at school may arrive after 7:10 am. Our educators arrive on duty at 7:10.

  • You will not be allowed to enter the parking lot area to drop your student off. Please stay in the drop off car line.

  • No students will be allowed to be dropped off at the North Entrance (bus loop).

Afternoon Pick Up Procedures:

  • Our dismissal bell rings at 2:20pm. Our students take a few minutes to get to the car rider area. You may expect the line of traffic to begin moving at approximately 2:25 pm.

  • As directed by our educators, pull up all the way to the front of the line between the car line supervisors. Our students will watch for you and will walk to where you are stopped.

Thank you in advance for maintaining a safe loading and unloading area for our Thunderhawks.

When each of us are on campus, we are an adult that our students look to as an example. Continue to be kind and courteous to fellow drivers, educators, and our students.

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Heartland Middle School Facebook Page

Join/Like our page for the latest on all things Heartland Middle School!

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STARTING NOW, parents can complete the Annual Update for the 2022-2023 school year by logging into the Parent Portal.

The update is necessary to verify your existing information and make any needed changes and must be completed for your student(s) to receive their 2022-2023 schedule or homeroom teacher/classroom.


For questions or login issues related, please contact your school site or email parentportalhelp@edmondschools.net.

Also, if your family will not be returning to EPS for the 2022-2023 school year, please let us know here at Heartland contacting our registrar at brandi.bown@edmondschools.net.

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Utility Bill Verification - Submission Information

Before a student schedule is released in August, we must make sure that we have a completed utility bill verification on file. This can be completed by utilizing the following information..

How To Submit Utility Bill for Verification:

Submit your utility bill (Electric, Gas or Water) with a July or August service date by either scanning it or taking a picture and sending it to heartland.registrar@edmondschools.net.

Subject Line: student last name, student first name, student grade (Example - Smith, John 6th Grade)

Please be sure that you are sending in a utility bill that has a service date of July or August. Should you have trouble submitting the utility bill electronically - please stop in and visit us around the first of August and we would be happy to help you...

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Heartland Fall Sports Information 2022-2023

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Heartland Athletics Update

Click the link to find out more about Fall sports: Softball, Volleyball, Cross Country & Football.

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Heartland Parent Organization News!

Heartland Families,


This is a fun family event!

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Keep watch on this Linktree for all things HPO, including signups for volunteer opportunities. Please fill out the volunteer form so we know your interest.


Keep up with HPO information straight to your phone and join REMIND.

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Want to meet new parents at Heartland and find out more about the HPO and how to get involved?

Come to the Edmond Railyard Monday, August 29 at 6pm to meet the Board and hang out with new friends. We can’t wait to see you there! This is a come and go event. Please invite your friends to join you.

HPO Board:

President: Leigh Bloskovich

Vice President: Trish Harrison

Vice President: Cassie Niemann

Treasurer: Jamila Woodard

Secretary: Belinda James

HPO Chairman:

Restaurant Nights: Jaime Clark

Dates to Remember:

8/19 Back to School Social, 6-8pm

8/29 HPO Gathering at the

Edmond Railyard, 6pm

Questions? heartland.hpo@gmail.com

Thanks for your support!

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Digital Resources for Families

YOUR ONE-STOP SHOP FOR DIGITAL CONNECTIONS - Infinite Campus, Child Nutrition, Chromebook Troubleshooting, WiFi Needs, AND More!

Infinite Campus Parent and Student Portal

Grades, Attendance, and Messages


Honesty - Being truthful in what I say and do

Enthusiasm - Expressing interest and excitement in what I do

Attentiveness - Concentrating on the person or task before me

Resiliency - Recovering from adversity and finding the inner strength to withstand stress

and do my best

Tolerance- Demonstrating respect for others who do not share my perspective

Leadership- Knowing the way. Going the way. Showing the way.

Accountability - Accepting responsibility for my actions

Nice- Dude. Be Nice!

Discipline- Choosing behaviors to help me reach my goals and finish strong!

Heartland Middle School

Veronica Johnson - Lead Principal

Laura Brown - Principal, 6th Grade

Paul McQueen - Principal, 7th Grade

Edward Hudson - Principal, 8th Grade

Lisa Edwards - 6th Grade Counselor

Whitney Davis - 7th Grade Counselor

Kim Treece - 8th Grade Counselor