June 8th - 12th

This week at Icahn 4

Icahn 4's Educational Superbowl Thursday June 25th @ 9am / District Competition July 1st

Important information 6/8 - 6/12

Safety Protocols:

  • ID badges must be worn in the building at all times
  • door should be locked and you should have your keys on you at all times

Fire Inspection:

  • effective immediately all displays hung from light fixtures and ceilings must come down.
  • Also each classroom wall should have no more than 20% coverage.

* I will be coming around on Tuesday (6/2) to inspect all classrooms to ensure these guidelines have been followed.


  • Please be on time picking up your students from breakfast (8:25) & lunch (1:15).
  • Please make sure that all teachers are receiving their full prep period (all teachers need to be on time leaving their classrooms for their prep and return on time. Please remember that failure to do so affects your colleagues).

Lesson Summary:

  • Please take some time to divide your resources in the shared dropbox for your grade by Marking Period. In your Marking Period folder, divide resources and Unit Plans by subject. In the subject folder create a folder for assessments.

Move This World: (please print out the schedule for your records)

  • Ms. Samatha Blain will return in June. Please continue to reinforce in your class SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Standards for your grade.
  • Interested in becoming a member of our school's transformation team? (sign up now)

MONDAY, June 8th

Unit Plans Due

Report Card Topics Due

IOWA test K - 7

NAO Robot PD (124D Conference Room) 8-4pm

  • Matula, Matos, Pagan

After School Meeting with Xposure (124D Conference Room) 5-6pm

  • Davis, Matula, Laricchia, Courman, Taylor, Magiraga, Malota, Heard, Khullar, Quiza

Parent Advisory Workshop 6 - 7:30pm

After School Activities:

  • Choir (Downing / Green)
  • Robotics (Matula)
  • Drums (Guarino)
  • Theatre (Davis)
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TUESDAY, June 9th

IOWA K - 7

Move This World

  • 6th & 7th Grade

Ballroom Basix (3rd Grade) 11:00 - 12:30

WEDNESDAY, June 10th

IOWA K - 7

Teq SMART Table PD (124D Conference Room: 12-6pm):

  • Pagan (Pelle)
  • Shepherd (Edwards)
  • Ferdinand ( Jasmin)
  • Malota (Heard)
  • Arvonio (Carpenter)
  • Xenos (Downing)

Coverage will be from 11:50 - 3:45. Lunch will be provided for staff attending the workshop.

After School Activities:

  • Guitar (Guarino)

THURSDAY, June 11th

Move This World
  • 2nd & 3rd Grade

Ballroom Basix (3rd Grade) 11:00 - 12:30

After School Activities:

  • Bollywood (Khullar)

  • Keyboard (Guarino)

  • African Dance (TBD)

  • Basketball (Matula / Davis)

  • Step (Allen / Heard / Zaire)

FRIDAY, June 12th


Upcoming: Weeks: June 8th - 12th & June 15th - 19th

Monday 6/15: IOWA TESTING

Tuesday 6/16: IOWA TESTING / NEHS / NJHS Induction Ceremony 6 - 7:30 pm

Wednesday 6/17: TBD

Thursday 6/18: 5th Grade Trip: Museum of Natural History

Friday 6/19: TBD

Monday 6/22: TBD

Tuesday 6/23: End of the Year Staff Party

Wednesday 6/24: TBD

Thursday 6/25: Icahn 4's Educational Superbowl (lower library)

Friday 6/26: TBD

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