The Tangerine Times

By: Sara Mohammad

What's News

Lake Windsor is a great community, but recently there have been some unusual events that have been happening there. For example, Mike Costello has recently died because of the thunderstorms here. Due to the accident, Mrs. Fisher has made a petition about having practice in the afternoons for the safety of the children. In addition, she has also been complaining about the muck fires happening near her house. Also, Lake Windsor Downs have just brought in a new shipment of the koi fish to make their lake look pretty. Now everybody loves participating in extracurricular activities, but Paul Fisher has been kicked out of the soccer team because he is visually impaired. He claims to see fine, and the school is worried about their insurance being lost. The Lake Windsor carnival is in town and we hear that some kids vandalized an exhibit. The kids were caught and sent to suspension. Lake Windsor Middle School has also had a tragic accident. They had a sinkhole with many students in danger, but luckily some students helped them to safety. Many students had minor injuries and no one had major wounds or died. As a result to the sinkhole, Lake Windsor had to split their shift. The Tangerine Middle School principal has also volunteered to take some students to her school until the damages can be fixed. Tangerine Middle School has also had some exiting news! Their soccer team has won against Palmetto Middle. They won with 2-1 as the score. While we are talking about victories. Lake Windsor won their football game against Cypress Bay. The score was 8-7. As i said before, Lake Windsor is a great community to live in.

Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

Erik Fisher, the new star player for the Lake Windsor football team has taken his dream to a new level. His brother, Paul Fisher, is not too happy about that. First of all they are both athletes. As I said before, Erik is the top player for the Lake Windsor football team. Paul on the other hand is not into football. He is one of the best goalies in the soccer team for Lake Windsor, but because of his eyes, he cannot play for Lake Windsor. For this reason, Paul plays for the Tangerine soccer team. They both are very friendly, but their personality is very different. You would think that Erik would be very caring and would mourn over the death of Mike, but instead he turned out to be a mean jerk. Paul is the opposite of that. He saved people from a sinkhole that could've killed them. Lastly, they both don't have the greatest reputation at school. For example, Erik got embarrassed because Antoine pushed him over and Erik fell in the mud. Also, Paul gets embarrassed constantly because of his glasses. People call him "Mars" or "Eclipse Boy." Erik and Paul are very different,but they do have some similar qualities.

Tragedy Strikes

Mike Costello was a great man and his death will be mourned over. Mr Fisher was there during the accident happened. he explained to us how the entire thing took place. He was in football practice when the afternoon thunder came. He was standing next to the goalpost and had his hand on it. Next thing you know he got struck by lighting. He fell to the ground, and half of his hair was burned off. Everyone came rushing to him. police cars and ambulances came. Joey, his younger brother, even tried to take his shoes off. Nothing would work because he was already dead. Mr.Fisher went to he hospital and the doctors announced that Mike Costello was dead. We still sorrow over the death of him, but life goes on...

MOYA Close-Up

A MOYA issue that occurs in the book Tangerine is sibling rivalry. As Paul and Erik fight more, their friendship drifts further and further away. A lot of siblings fight, and their future together is violent. My brother and I fight ALL of time. We hate each other, but we learned to bond together. Now we share many smiles and laughs. Another MOYA issue would be identity. Middle School is when you try to figure out who you want to become. In the story Tangerine, Paul's older brother Erik is a star. He is very known for because of football. Paul feels very left out and in the shadow of Erik in the story. The final issue would be conflict. This is similar to sibling rivalry, but it does not include siblings. For example, Paul might steal Joey's girlfriend and they get mad at each other. Another example would be when Paul got kicked off the soccer team, and he started crying. MOYA issues are things that happen in our regular lives. I just compared mine with the book Tangerine.


IT'S SOCCER TIME! Tangerine Middle vs. Kinnow Middle. September 26th at 1:00 is when it all goes down. All you need to bring is school spirit! General Admission is $7 for a child and $10 for an adult. There will be a concessions stand. Hope to see you there.