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Science: Start preparing for science fair experiment on Thursday (bring in supplies, talk to group members about what is needed, create your hypothesis, etc.)

Social Studies: NONE :)


***Because of the amount of missing and late work, students were told today that any work turned in late, starting Monday April 6th, will automatically receive half credit. This supports Northgate's homework policy.***

ELA: My classroom books are due TOMORROW!!!

Link to book: I Have Lived a Thousand Years

Click here for the Book Log

Social Studies: None

Book website:

login: lunch

password: 8-digit birthday




Honors Math:




Password:birthday: mm/dd/yyyy

Social Studies:

Rome Vocabulary

-Write all vocal terms in a sentence

-Write a paragraph with 4 vocal terms that describes Rome's Culture

Book website:

login: lunch

password: 8-digit birthday


  • DONATIONS NEEDED!!!! We have received enough bottles of water for the 6th grade picnic! We only have 2 bags of chips right now for 80 students. Any help with chips would be greatly appreciated!!

  • MAY lunch menu (click here to view)

Zoo Field Trip!!!!!

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Team 6C Teachers

Frequently asked questions

  • How do we sign up for EDP? Simply request a form from any school personal and send it back with the payment.

  • How will I know if my child ends up on the D & F list? Teachers will contact parents, usually via e-mail.

  • What is the average time my 6th grader should be working on homework? Around 1 hour

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