Romeo and Juliet


  • wrote 154 sonnets
  • he wrote 37 plays
  • his shortest plays was 1770 lines long
  • 15 of his plays were perforemed
  • his last plays was Two Noble Kinsmen

what i know about Shakespeare

He wrote Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth and many more he started theater and acting but the way the did it so much different today. When they did it back then there were hardly any women in the plays it was all men dressed up as women.

pictures of Shakespeare

why Shakespeare

7 thing to hate Shakespeare

  1. he's been done to death
  2. someone else has already thought of it
  3. he's wordy
  4. you don't have the meat
  5. not that good
  6. period sucks
  7. defining versions are readily available

7 things to like SHAKESPEARE

  1. funny
  2. meaning
  3. good details
  4. they are great to use in really life events
  5. more then one version is available
  6. timing
  7. good wording